The topic of death scares more people. The red thread in my life has been about life and death themes in several halves. Those who die are all around us, and everything you say and think brings the "dead" with them 👂. You can communicate with your "dead" even if you may not hear them. As you learn to listen with your "inner ears", you can hear beyond your physical hearing. In this video, I show several examples from my own life, and the experiences of my mother's birth of me. She spent 4 days giving birth to me, and I was dying in childbirth. As a fetus in my mother's stomach, I prepared to die even before I was born. Births can be traumatic experiences for both mother and child. 🩺🧬 

What I say in the video above is the wisdom shown to me until spring 2020. Human beings are constantly evolving and moving. We are emotion and movement 😇. The more we are in our heads and thoughts 🧠 with rigid truths the more we create imbalances and illness in ourselves. It is we ourselves who create what we encounter, and the opposite of what we have previously learned. Stagnation causes depression, anxiety, ME, fibromyalgia, cancer, suicidal thoughts and diseases 🦠💉. When we try to keep the life force in special ways of control we get stuck in the mind, emotions and body where we create diseases unconsciously. When we are open, receptive and listening we are in touch with the source of wisdom and natural intelligence. Our soul has wisdom beyond time, giving us the greatest power and satisfaction there is.

The word "EXTREME" sums up my life. I've had a lot of extreme experiences. In my life-dead learnings, I finally got to the stage of surrender 🙌. I finally surrendered my willingness to ego. There are several dimensions of existence in which the willingness and programming can make us sick and kill us. 😱

Most of us have lived multiple lives, and my son Aleksander and I have lived multiple lives together. In a previous life he was my dad and I died when I was 13 years old. The two of us have followed each other in life after life and developed together. We choose each other on a soul level, where we can evolve in the plan we set up before incarnating on Earth. We create our lives and we are heard in an embracing dimension 😍. If we want things from a state of sacrifice and lack, we often contribute to drama and chaos. In grief, I have asked for things that made a big impact in my life. When we move across three dimensional reality we see the patterns and the drama we create on earth. We must all take RESPONSIBILITY for what we ourselves create. 🙏

The other side is just good and will be a great support in our lives. When we die, we go out of our pattern, our body of emotion, and condemnation. A violent dad or close, therefore, will transform. It is the violent who inflicts resentment and soreness on others who themselves have to pay for their misdeeds. We even pay the price for the condemnation we bear in us. 🤬😡🤯😤

Alexander saw his life pass in revue when he took his life, and saw how his own thoughts led to the choice of suicide. He wanted to be saved from his suicide when this insight reached him, but by then it was too late. If you're struggling mentally, you can go beyond your mental truths and programming. If you think you're just your thoughts and feelings, this is your biggest limitation 🧠🤯. Even our language is incredibly limiting and damning. We have even begun to ban certain words because of condemnation. 😱

There are many levels of death. Death also brings life. Our soul lives forever ♾. Our mental head can NEVER fully understand the bigger picture and creation we are a part of. Wisdom has a different dimension than knowledge read to mental truths. Living from inner wisdom is a different existence than living from programming and jantelov. Our wisdom is connected to everything and can load everything it needs at all times.💗

I recommend everyone to read the Health Bible more than 1 time 📓. We are in a shift between old way of existence and new existence. We are all multidimensional people with incredible abilities. Abilities that are above mental understanding.

Today I live as a child with curiosity, wonder, magic and presence. I know who I am, and that I can never fully understand the complete creation we are all a part of. We are all love that either creates from love or fear (Hell) ☯️. The hell we see on earth is created from fear, fear, and ambience on ancient truths and thought paradigm. It makes us sick 🤯🤬. In this time, many wonderful gifts and super-abilities come and turn out for us. We are MUCH, MUCH more than what we have learned we are. 🌈