The future - Innovation - Paradigm shift

The future - Innovation - Paradigm shift

We are well on the way to creating the NEW EARTH and our future. It is the change each person makes in themselves that creates our surroundings. Are we sleepwalking, or have we woken up from our scripts and mental programming? Do we create our future systems from worries and fears, or from love and trust?

We are constantly creating our own universe with all our thoughts, feelings, actions, consciousness and what we manifest in life. And every day we can innovate something new if we want to.

Innovation makes everyone with simplicity when we are in wholeness and balance. Then people can download geniuses for themselves and our surroundings. The GREAT teachers, our intelligent gurus, showed us that anyone can download geniuses. We need to support our children to stand in the geniuses who want to flourish in the future that we together create on earth.

Many have attitudes based on WIIFM "Whats in it for me". The future paradigm is about learning from the attitude WIIFU - "Whats in it for Us". We have to include the whole because all people have equal value regardless of category, orientation, religion, deviation and status.

I have become politically active because I want to contribute with innovation of the future. Nevertheless, I am aware of the framework and structures that govern policy and that prevent us from innovating. Including the heart and the truthful is an important quality that must emerge in politics. We have to expand parliamentarism and the systems that exist.

Parliamentarism is the system that gives parliament the power to overthrow the government. In this we need to have the heart voice and inner wisdom. The parliamentary system needs an overarching perspective where the heart and humanity are prioritized over established rules and laws.

Politics in Norway concentrates more on the southern areas in favor of the northern areas. The nature and areas of the High North need greater discretion because these require climate and area knowledge. Ancient traditions, Sami and our "old wisdom" must to a greater extent be included in politics.

We must also listen even more to people with user experience. We need laws and regulations at the same time as these are also in some cases offensive to human dignity. When we are governed from a higher holistic place in our hearts, we train external laws and rules to a lesser extent because we then always act for the good of humanity.

We have an incredible number of geniuses in Norway and the Nordic countries. We have a lot of expertise and knowledge that can be used for innovation and growth. We have everything we need to innovate the future with an expanded perspective where the heart voice is involved.

I am in the process of creating "True North", which is a future system that includes travel, healing, recreation, health, mindfulness and innovation, beyond national borders. It is we ourselves who create our lives, where peace in our hearts contributes to innovation and holistic growth.

I have managed to transform the imbalance I have absorbed from society to create peace and serenity within myself. This is a sustainable quality that is needed in this time for many who struggle with mental and chronic illnesses.

Everything I say and deliver on the recordings is totally IMPERFECT. I'm proud of my speech errors and the imperfections I share, because this shows YOU that you can come up with your geniuses even if they are not perfect. We innovate the future with cooperation and complementation of our geniuses beyond perfectionism.

Competition is good as long as we compete against the best version of ourselves, above others. We all have individual curricula and learning paths on earth where it is first and foremost ourselves we want to compete with. Everyone wants to be the best variant of themselves.

When we create and innovate, our surroundings will affect us and what is created. Clean and loving surroundings give us sustainable solutions.

One of my strengths is about creating good relationships, communities and groups. As a mother of 5 children, I have been involved in creating dozens of groups and communities that provide a supportive environment. I work with souls who have other strengths than me so that together we innovate geniuses and well-being.

The future is about cooperation and the completion of geniuses across national borders. Part 3 of the Health Bible focuses on our global world. I show here how we can create sustainable systems for future people.