5 Paradigms of Reality

Paradigms of reality give us different perspectives and perceptions of exactly the same phenomenon, where the word paradigm means 'to show' or 'pattern'. Each paradigm is the way we create our lives, and it describes human programming with thoughts, beliefs, emotions, language and our inner world. The collective paradigm is a shared set of understandings, concepts, interpretations and beliefs shared by a large societal group. It provides us with a coherent way of thinking about the world and experiences. An example of a paradigm is when the majority of people on Earth accept the view that the Earth's cosmology is a flat disk with upturned edges.

The paradigms we live and govern from create our reality. Being aware of our inner domain gives us an understanding of why our lives evolve the way they do. The biggest change between each of the five paradigms is the level of vibration and frequency. In the first paradigm there is less energy flowing through us, while in the fifth paradigm our being is filled with high frequency vibration and lots of light. When we bring more light into any situation, reality will change for us, where we see the experience with completely new eyes and from a more holistic perspective.

"What makes a reality a reality is that we believe in it, we create it and have it as part of our consciousness. Through consciousness we create our life experiences and manifest our reality. When enough people believe in something, we say it's a reality because that's what we see in the world. What we're actually doing is creating what we believe in and then saying it's a reality. It's a reality because we have created it ourselves. We create echo chambers of realities where information, ideas or perceptions are reinforced through repeated communication and repetition within a limited group or tradition."

Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

The FIVE Paradigms of reality are;

  1. In the first paradigm, we are mostly in our heads, relating to the human constructs and the world around us. We call this normal human.
  • We experience this as being a victim in our own lives, where we are contracted and exhausted.
  • We live from our unconscious mind that has emotional reactions from the scripts programmed in our minds.
  • We mainly live in the old social frameworks of society, and the programming we received from childhood and educational systems.
  • We follow rules, methods, scientifically documented evidence, western pharmaceutical profit industry, a hierarchical way of thinking, where we are loyal to external systems that are programmed with limitations and inadequacies, and with manipulations that are covered up through masks and facades.
  • We are persuaded into certain ways of thinking where we follow the hierarchical structure of power abuse and powerlessness.
  • We spend most of our energy and creativity on external forces, where we feel like victims of circumstances, living with control, fixation and analysis. We become victims of the flow of information, obeying all structures and propaganda.
  • Our language is limited to word labels, box thinking and diagnoses of life.
  • We relate to pressure and coercion, where we have to get the job done, and where we almost function as rowboats and machines.
  • Our minds are programmed and adapted to social rules and the laws society promotes. We relate only to the physical world and physical matter, where personal goals of profit and external success are our barometer.
  • When we start to challenge these laws and rules, we move to paradigm 2.
  1. In this paradigm, we begin to open our head and heart, where we become softer, kinder, more empathetic, and not just head-driven.
  • We can begin our spiritual journey and open up to a world of our own choosing.
  • Empaths usually live in the second paradigm where they are more concerned with the invisible world of their own and others' emotions. We are now more emotionally responsible than in the first paradigm.
  • We are more in touch with our emotions and experience breakthroughs as we shift from our head-programmed scripts to a more holistic state of being.
  • Personal growth becomes important, where we begin to discover new ways of facing the world. We help others grow and heal through learning and understanding concepts.
  • We connect with the observer in our own lives, and have a small spiritual opening that begins to question hierarchical constructions.
  • We start to become more mindful as we develop our awareness and energy-sensitive being.
  1. In the third paradigm, we open the core of our inner universe and begin to change and expand the genius and creativity in ourselves and others.
  • We become more holistic and see the great possibilities of what can be created, where we want to make a difference in the world because we look beyond the ordinary, the normal and the expectations that surround us.
  • Purpose and meaning are important in life because we have become dynamic, creative visionaries in touch with our higher selves.
  • Traditional goals mean less, as the perspective is more about wholeness and what we can bring into our lives. We often experience this paradigm as visionaries because we operate from a more holistic perspective.
  • We see many symptoms and imbalances in human health when we live from the first to the third paradigm. Western pharmaceutical medicine operates in paradigm 1-3 where we do what others have done and copy the truth and opinions of others.
  • We try to do the same as everyone else. We copy others and engage with things that have already been created.

"The more holistic we become, the more we see that the reality of capital R is nothing more than different concepts of the same deepest truth."

Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

  1. We live in an expanded field through our higher self and the universe. We are transformative and help people from problems to potential.
  • We operate in a constant stream of movement, resonance and transformation, where we are ever more connected to the universe. We seek the Greater.
  • We have become more of our holistic being, which we invoke by living from our greatness.
  • We live in the expanded field of the Universe where we feel connected to everything and everyone.
  • We live transformative lives where we express our full wholeness moving through our physical bodies with high energy.
  • We work with frequency, vibration and energy as well as the non-physical world, merging it with the physical world and having almost no emotional reaction to external conditions.
  • Our life is in super flow in the fourth and fifth paradigms, where we know that we are the projection of our own energy and essence.
  • We are as much in the abstract world as in physical form in the fourth and fifth paradigms.
  1. In the fifth paradigm, we operate in an interconnected field of all consciousness with access to infinite energy and creation, beyond time and space. We are quantum evolution radiating source-universal power, and are creator and creation simultaneously. Nothing separates us.
  • We create the world we want to live in, where we are boundless and infinite as I AM co-creators of life with superflow and ease.
  • We are the source of possibility and infinite creation because our essence is alchemical, transformational and transcendental.
  • We are connected to everything and have access to all life, and are THE ONE who makes things happen as we co-create with the universe and all consciousness.
  • We are co-creators of life, making things happen on all levels. We have great imaginations and allow the divine and infinite intelligence to flow through us.
  • We are the richness of all life and see everything as beautiful, powerful and glorious.
  • We don't assist others with static fixedness because we witness, acknowledge and co-create from the holistic field where everything is the source power of superflow.
  • We co-create movement in the universe from our origins of power, sacred geometry, recognition, mastery and beauty.
  • We operate as Creator and Creation simultaneously, allowing divine infinite source intelligence to express itself and flow through us.
  • We are superflow, open and know who and what we are, where everything has already happened. Our life is fulfilled, where we let the divine power flow through us.
  • We are I AM with and without form eternal.