DEPROGRAMMING; Energy medicine and transformational learning

Ann-Peggy Heart · May 1, 2021

Deprogramming is an online course for brave souls who want to live truthfully, authentically and genuinely with their inner strength and wisdom. Through energy medicine and transformational learning, we learn to create the life we want for ourselves. Transformational learning and energy medicine work with all parts of human existence, and give us preventive health through activation of our own observer and creator of conscious health. The exercises and techniques work in deep energy layers, which have settled in the body as energy blockers.

When we carry on "old" emotional energy patterns, this affects the experience of ourselves. When we live with "unconscious" programming, we will "unconsciously" attract unfortunate situations. With a steady and secure inner essence, we are not "put out" by external situations and events.

All people are emotionally and energetically programmed in early childhood. Our programming gives us different patterns and thoughts that we build up as our identity. A healthy identity is the foundation of a good life. With transformational learning, we can build a new identity or strengthen the identity we already have. We learn health consciously so that we have security in every situation that meets us.

It is our emotions that constantly guide us. If our emotions are fixed on emotional accumulation, imbalances and environmental diseases occur. Environmental diseases are, for example, anxiety, depression, cancer, ME, fibromyalgia and various fatigue diseases. A result is often shame, guilt, worry and fear which are negative emotions that vibrate at a low frequency. We can end up in a "self-sustaining loop" where we subconsciously continue to attract situations of shame, condemnation and pain.

In the course I will show you techniques and methods so that you can GIVE RELEASE on emotional programming and environmental diseases. When we live with inner freedom and fulfillment, we can do EVERYTHING we want. The foundation of a happy and meaningful life is about balance and synchronization between the brain and the heart. Once we have programmed the monkey brain and our cells, we create peace of mind, well-being and peace.

When we know who we are and know our essence, we have the strongest foundation that is.
Resilience describes our ability to handle stress, crises and disasters, and is our resilience to mental health problems. Resilience is about our ability to solve problems and challenges, and to learn from experience. It is about being able to get up strengthened and adapt to new situations. People who have good resilience are able to handle stress and crises in a positive way. Resilience begins with the question " Who am I"? When you know who you are, you know your worth.

Only by virtue of yourself are you a special gift that wants to express yourself. You possess an inner wisdom and superhuman gifts that are waiting to flourish.

Programming is suitable for brave souls who want to make a difference in the world. In the book "Change or die", author Alan Deutschman writes that 90% of people choose to die rather than change their usual lives. Change is for the bravest of us. The deprogramming course is for the 10% of people who want change instead of stagnation. Those who want to find their inner resources and superhuman abilities.

The course is suitable for brave souls such as;

  • Wants to be at home in itself and live authentically
  • Wants an inner security and clarity in all choices
  • Wants a meaningful and rewarding existence.
  • Wants to strengthen their natural immune system and health
  • Want to create meaningful and good relationships
  • Want to be in service and create a better future
  • Want to be a conscious creator in your own life
  • Wants to reduce drama and conflict
  • Wants to reduce disturbing thoughts and feelings
  • Want to reduce stress, worries and muscle tension
  • Want to understand how to change consciousness and attract their longing.
  • Wants to live out his superhuman nature and gift
  • Wants to live with playfulness, real laughter, real joy and freedom on their own terms
  • Wants a platform with supportive communities that genuinely wants well
  • Want a healthy direction
  • Wants intimate contact with his soul sense and inner compass

Deprogramming is not suitable for those who want to keep the status quo, and those who are afraid of changes in their lives. Nor is it suitable for those who owe "everyone else" and do not want to take responsibility in their own lives.

Transformational learning

  • With transformative learning we understand our electromagnetic body and how the body, mind and emotions work.
  • With transformation, we learn to connect people around us and create healthy and good relationships with everything.
  • Transformation refers to our ability to go inward, and connect with our own technological core. In our society, we rarely talk about transformation, where we have instead become obsessed with learning.
  • A brain that has expanded and transformed can never shrink to its original size once we have changed our perception.
  • With transformational learning, we become more empathetic, kind, compassionate, authentic and independent. We will never lose this perspective.
  • People who stand in their inner wisdom and technology can help others with transformation so that they do not have to go through suffering, illness and pain. I have undergone transformation, and can therefore help others immediately.
  • When we transform our emotional programming, we can prevent disorders and diseases. In addition, we learn to face experiences and crises constructively.
  • We learn to live from clarity, inner knowledge and balance where we make better decisions and have good relationships.
  • We get closer to our soul's reason for being here, and we're better equipped to serve other people. The most important learning and transformation is about the nature of the human system as part of the larger nature and creation of the earth and the universe.

Energy medicine

Perception and the mindset are the starting point for everything we encounter in life. It is a big leap from a mindset of survival to a mindset of well-being. Perception is our interpretation, acquisition, selection and organization of sensory information. When we combine all our attitudes, we get a truth. If we combine faith truth after faith truth, we form a perception and an inner programming. Perception is our mental construction that chooses, organizes and interprets what comes from our senses.

A truth of faith is incorporated in the brain. Thoughts and emotions over time will give a state to the body, which becomes our subconscious mind. All beliefs are subconscious states of being. Most of us are not aware that we have a belief in medicine, science, the family, God and more. Perception has everything to do with the choices we make and what we create in our lives. In energy medicine, we work with the unconscious mind so that we become resistant to any situation.

The way we release and heal our emotions is by transforming them to set them aside. Emotions are outdated programs from our mammalian brain, which were developed millions of years ago. When we let go of emotions, they are replaced by emotions. Our feelings are authentic. There is a significant difference between emotions and feelings. Energy medicine includes emotions, emotions and human electromagnetic signals that are affected by hundreds of factors.

  • Ancient traditions know that the living body of man and the living body of the earth are created in the same way.
  • We all have an axis, where the axis of humans is the spine that controls the balance of movements and function.
  • We have several vibration centers and energy wheels that resonate from the original sounds of life through the universe.
  • The different energy wheels have a unique frequency that matches different internal organs and the body system. We have energy wheels that are connected to the earth and to the sky. We need balance in all the energy wheels.
  • The human energy field contains information and software in our lives.
  • The energy fields and natural intelligence show us how we can heal, about diseases that plague us, and what can cause our death?

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