The value, attitude and feeling of GRACE.

I had no relationship with the word Grace before January 2015. Grace was not a word that was used in my surroundings and since I had no relationship with this word, I had no prejudices or associations. But it eventually turned out that Grace had been my guiding star all these years, even when I was living in ignorance and "sleepwalking" through the expanding picture of human existence. By ignorance I mean uninformed and with the false identification we get through the law of jealousy and condemnation on earth.

Grace became more and more visible to me while I was in the dark night of the soul and did not understand why so many crises appeared in my life. To many, it may sound absurd that I had no relationship or understanding of the word grace. But I didn't. Not until it was shown to me as a soul quality in a meditative exercise as an adult, 6 months before Alexander's choice of suicide. One of the first inner journeys I was guided through, as my old identity was falling apart, was about three words associated with sacred soul consciousness; Honesty, Grace and Gifted.

Although at the time I was unable to take in the words from my ego consciousness, they gave me great support and guidance in the years that followed. The exercise led me into a meditative state through an American guide created by hypnotherapist Steve Burgess. This contributed to the fact that two out of three words shown to me were American words I had no relationship with at the time. The words were also associated with a high vibration and power in themselves, which meant that the defense from the ego consciousness gradually kicked in. I found that the words could not reflect aspects of me, because the strength and vibration of these words became too all-encompassing for my personality. The first word, honesty, I had no problem owning as a guiding principle and important value from my soul. When the words Grace and Gifted were shown to me, and I eventually interpreted these with my personality, critical thoughts emerged, as well as replenishment and love thoughts. Eventually, the critical thoughts faded and I absorbed the power of the words. We can ask ourselves why words and symbols can have power over us. Words and symbols will affect our inner core and state, depending on the meaning they give us. Words that give us negative meaning will drain us, while words that give us positive meaning will give us good feelings, upliftment and strength. If the words do not give us meaning, they will be neutral. The words Grace and Gifted were positive for me, even though at times I was unable to align my being and state with these words. Grace is today one of the most powerful words for me, and a symbol of what gives me replenishment and true strength from within.

After the word Grace became visible to me, I started a journey to understand what this guiding star meant. I have learned a lot through researching the word grace. It refers to the essence of my soul. Grace has far-reaching meaning for most of us. In 2018, grace was shown to me as the greatness of being who we truly are, being present in the experience without negative thought programming. Life happens spontaneously in presence and in experiences, without the need to control or be in our head. Grace is the unconditional kindness of the universe. A serenity and peace of mind. It is a state of pure openness and availability. Grace is special qualities that grow from within us. To be in a state of Grace means to be blessed and unaffected by harm. Surrounded by grace, we radiate our light and illuminate the path for ourselves and others, with honest communication and truthful attitudes in all situations. With Grace, we give from the heart, practicing anti-violent learning. We see the innocence in all living things, and we see from the eyes of our soul.

Grace refers to the human connection with the divine and that which is greater than us. It gives us a sense that we are loved and cared for in all circumstances. It opens us up to generosity and inspires us to give unconditional love to others. When we are gracious and elegant, others are drawn to our company. With grace present, we can turn every communication and relationship into something beautiful. In Grace, we grow when we treat others with dignity, kindness and exquisite courtesy and when we forgive. By a deep connection with Grace, we hold this presence for others. Higher will, or grace-will, will never take us where it will not support us. This insight alone has given me invaluable support. I have countless times been guided far outside my comfort zone and into challenging and unreasonable situations. Without trusting Grace, I would never have had the courage to go through with it.

Everyone wants grace. Grace is the knowledge that we belong, that we are understood and that we are meaningful parts of something big, deep and powerful. Gratitude is an aspect of grace. Grace refers to the spiritual part of the human being that gives us vibrancy, vitality and joy. We serve humanity with compassion, trust, gratitude, blessing and awe. Grace knows who we are and what we want. Success and grace are strongly connected. When we feel blessed, more blessing will come. Success is about inner fulfillment. Grace wants to be asked for more so that it can give more. This is the link to success that society often overlooks. Grace is the source of abundance for everyone, where the analogy of the drop in the ocean can be used to describe the all-encompassing field we are part of. In this perspective, we are all individual drops of water expressing ourselves from our common ocean source - GRACE.

The change of identity we are now experiencing is about the transition from who we think we are to who we really are. Who are we from the core of our inner self and what do we want to express? Until now, our identity has been linked to roles, titles, external success and labels, and what we think we are. Now is the time to transcend this old paradigm. Our inner truth about who we are will set us free. We want to be aware that personality aspects of us live from conditions from external categories. This is about the archetype of sacrifice that all people are a part of, cf. Caroline Myss. In this mentality we live with resistance, and the notion of the old experience of " me against others" , and I against life. From this old paradigm, life becomes strenuous and combative. The real invitation is now about going to the essence of who we really are and getting to our core. This requires courage and strength because we must get out of the programming matrix in ourselves and society. In order to create conditions for wholeness and health, we must develop a level of strength to resist society's toxic environment through our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual work.

Caroline Myss says that the power of prayer is about grace. In times of crisis, people often turn to prayer. Prayer has a calming effect on people, because the core of prayer is about grace. There is a reassurance in us, which does not deal with psychological or neurosynaptic structures. We believe. Some turn to psychiatrists and psychologists, but the answer lies in our inner self and the attachment to grace. It is something bigger than us, something deep, mysterious, and subtle. It is all presence in the now. Grace is a mysterious trait that is impossible to prove, and where things can happen suddenly in a second. It is about the nature of source power, where the sky is our ally. When we say that we have done everything, and do not know what to do, a new type of strength suddenly comes in when we learn to be receptive. Grace moves the laws of cause and effect, action and reaction. It leads to magnetic attraction when we have lost our own resources, and helps us to stop, like a gentle breeze.

In the years from 2013 to 2019, when life showed me painful experiences, prayer became an important part of my life. Gradually, I became aware that my prayers were always answered. The process of finding solutions was not always what I envisioned, and many new things unfolded. For me, grace is always present, even if I am not constantly aware of its presence. Nevertheless, I have experienced hundreds of different expressions of Grace, as miraculous events that are neither logical, sensible nor controllable. They occur in the moment when they are needed. For example, they can occur when I connect with a dying person, when I am with people with long-term chronic pain or people with anxiety, depression and low mood. When meeting people, grace fills me and my surroundings with an elevated stream of consciousness, which allows people to get in touch with their own vitality, life force and healing power.

When I work with people struggling with mental pain, clients find that their symptoms disappear in the relationship with me. I don't do anything special other than being centered in myself and remaining calm, receptive and present. This is probably the reason why people who have carried fears and shame open up and share these with me for the first time in their lives. Through this, they connect with their own inner healer and find peace. For us to heal, we need to feel safe and have a safe environment. If we are in a violent, abusive and turbulent environment, we will not normally bring healing to ourselves. I have a pure body without judgment, where I allow what is bigger than me to show up in magical ways. I can't say that I fully understand this. It's just like a source that can take unimaginable forms through me, and show up as the best solutions. Sometimes it appears as a clarity, extreme power, ecstasy, invincibility, fulfillment, satisfaction and strength, while other times it is like a gentle breeze, vibration, telepathy, clairsentience, clear hearing, direct knowing and open being. It is as if a transformation is happening through me to my fellow human beings, without me controlling this from my personal mind. In many indigenous traditions, rituals and ceremonies are performed to put oneself in an elevated state. I find that this trance and altered state of consciousness happens in seconds, as a result of trusting Grace consciousness and higher intelligence. For me, it is a presence that happens as a mystical, miraculous and transformative catalyst in the present moment.

Our greatest gift lies right next to our greatest wounds. The presence of the inexplicable Grace that fills me and others in unimaginable ways holds the greatest gift. Many people talk about downloading from the quantum field when we connect to an elevated level of consciousness with all information. When Grace takes over in me, in mysterious ways, this is not about a conscious download similar to what I do in other contexts. It is something that spontaneously happens in the moment, for the good of the community and with an adaptation and expression that often amazes me and leaves me in awe. I use myself, my avatar and my presence in the moment. Many times there is no unseen difference in me, other than that my surroundings and myself are in a high and truthful vibration like heaven on earth. Everything just is, amazing, with wonder, magic and grace. Mystical experiences make us full of love, when we live from this dimension, which is above religious and fixed truths we have cognitively learned. It is a dimension we cannot describe in words, and is ecstatic and all-encompassing in the present moment. It can take unimaginable forms, and there is no universal formula. The bottom line is that it is a present experience, unfolding in magical and mysterious ways, tailored to our unique avatar. It is a dimension that is connected to our faith, and that is connected to a direct knowing and wisdom in all that is.

Revelations are insights that lift us to a higher consciousness, so that we look over repetitive patterns, events and behaviors, and behind the illusions. We increase our perspective and change the perception we encounter situations with. Since 2013, I have had thousands of insights and revelations on my journey. As we gain more and more insights into our own lives, we know we are following the true path. We create real development and growth from our creative inner self, which is our true essence. More and more people are experiencing revelations and insights in this time, and this is contributing to the change of humanity. Revelations and self-knowledge change our existence, because we then gain insight and overview of the cosmic game on earth, that everything is love, and that everyone is connected to each other. We understand that we are a piece in something bigger and that everything we do with ourselves and others we do towards the whole of us.

With Grace and clarity, we come into contact with wisdom and direct knowledge. I find that this requires accountability and commitment. When we know, we act on our clarity and insight. I have been granted insight that has been demanding and at times painful to bear. Painful because it has shown me situations and conditions that are about pain, suffering, life and death. When I know and do nothing about it, part of the responsibility is transferred to me. We can all let higher sources carry knowledge, which will reveal itself to us when we need it. We then do not need to prove to others because we live with confidence from the revelations and insights life has shown us. It is argued that maturity comes with age. Maturity comes with acceptance of the responsibility we have in relation to our thoughts, feelings, motives, actions, intentions and attitudes. Only when we knowingly and willingly take responsibility for everything we encounter in our lives can we say that we are a mature human being.

Grace often reveals itself to us in unexpected ways. It often shows us the most fearful parts of our personality, allowing us to let go of our illusions and connect with the essence of who we are. In the years 2013 - 2018, I experienced a lot of pain when I let go of my old identity. I write about the pain, experiences and hell that surrounded me during these years in the Health Bible as an insight into understanding environmental illnesses.