"Consciousness transforms itself from the soul, (spirit), heart, mind, through energy that creates matter and the physical world. It creates itself, our psyche, the brain, the body and the universe. It is how we see, how we know, how we perceive and understand the world. Consciousness is not the content, but the function and form of how we make sense of the world, reality and ourselves. Collective consciousness reflects human consciousness and perception."

Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

Ego consciousness is the separate consciousness created by us. We perceive the world as divided between subject and object. Through soul consciousness we are connected to superconsciousness also called integral cosmic consciousness/cosmic singularity consciousness, holy mind, God and I am consciousness. Here there is no division between subject and object, and all is one. It is the split that gives us friction and polarization in our human experience. Cosmic singularity consciousness is unity consciousness where we are connected to absolutely everything. Then everything is like a part of ourselves. This was the state and level of consciousness from which Buddha, Jesus, Peter Dânov, and Bruno Gröning lived. They rose above mental ego-consciousness and soul-consciousness. When we experience life from cosmic consciousness, our individual identity ceases because we are interconnected with everything, so our boundaries and separation disappear. In this there is no boundary between me, you or anything else and we can feel absolutely everything as we are connected and part of everything.

In many religions and traditions, heaven is called enlightenment. This refers to a complete change of perception from our egocentric personality consciousness to the soul consciousness of unity and completeness. The common destiny of human beings is about the transformation of the ego consciousness of suffering and disease into the unity and vitality of soul consciousness. Jesus radiated an openness of heart and mind, and an open presence in the present moment. With an open perception, we can take in the freshness and all the sensations of intuition, which is above mental thought paradigms. Jesus opened up to the sacred and the bigger picture, showing us that we can transform all aspects, physical, psychological and spiritual. Our inner psychology and spiritual state has a direct connection to our physical state. Jesus stood in his inner truth and being. Our inner truth is not about facts, laws, rules, reasoning or logic. God knows no laws, because if the source had ruled by laws, it would have been limited. Creation is limitless and gives us choices within its unlimited truth and unlimited thought. We have the freedom to receive and create the truth we need to approach our wisdom. Our inner truth refers to the essence of who we are and that the heaven of truth exists within us as a natural part of our being.

We don't need to see ourselves as Christian or religious to learn from the archetype of Jesus, because this is a universal energy and a universal gift that everyone is a part of. Jesus showed us the process of practicing the inner peace that is beyond mental thought noise. Jesus was grounded in that which is greater than his body and physical existence, where everything is basically perfect in oneness, as the concept of "I AM" I AM shows us that we can attract and become one with anything we choose. This is the gift of our soul that wants to experience everything. It is this sensory experience our soul loves to feel. Jesus' soul consciousness was a vigilant being that sees beyond fears, anxiety and negative emotions. We can all find out what Jesus' story says about our own lives. What meaning does it make in your life? What condemnations does it represent for you? The light that Jesus radiated when he healed people has all people in it. I am reverently grateful for all the thousands of miracles I have witnessed from this light. Jesus said that it is our faith that heals us. This shows that we want to be receptive and open to the unconditional love and miracles that are. This is something everyone can do, because there is nothing unique about it. The limitations are the thoughts and the armor we have built up inside us. Take off your armor, live in truth, and experience the miracles of life. You are a holistic miracle that wants to blossom from the light that you are.

The miracles we experience are about shape-shifting and quantum shifts from one form to a new form. Our reality can change instantly if we open up and choose it, cf. the Health Bible - Think with your heart. Some of the miracles I have experienced are about getting others out of the body of pain, radical healing, insight into people's death, clarity about what will happen, singing songs with an incredibly beautiful singing voice that is not mine (my singing voice is tragic), caught in police control for three violations (forgotten driver's license, separated car, and high speed), where the fine was transformed into nothing, driven deep in a ditch off the main road in an extreme snowstorm with zero visibility where the car was suddenly lifted up and back onto the main road, been shown past lives and events of relevance, been embraced several times by an ecstasy field of unimaginable power and bliss, reversed unfortunate events in seconds, talked to aliens/dead souls/comatose souls, tuned into other people's consciousness and took in information from others and similar phenomena. If I were to include everything, the list would be even longer.

Miracles are changes of perception, which give us changes in being and behavior. One of the most important quantum shifts needed in relation to illness and healing is about perception and programmed thoughts. We have been taught that illness is something unfortunate and catastrophic that happens to us, over which we have no control. This way of thinking gives us powerlessness and disempowerment in our own lives. What if we saw mental or physical health symptoms as the body and soul's coping strategies to help us. What if our symptoms are actually trying to protect us and help us meet unmet needs? Everything that shows up in the body is there for a reason. We can listen to the symptoms and pain, and try to understand their message. What emotional patterns, what withholding, and what imbalances are the body, mind and spirit wanting to draw our focus towards? The body and soul are wiser than the intellect alone, and will point us towards what needs healing. We often learn early in our lives to override the body, emotions and the voice of the soul. When we don't listen to our own essence, symptoms and imbalances will be coping strategies from a higher part of us. It is our responsibility to find out what the soul and body are communicating to us. The voice of the soul tells us how we manage our own energy.

"We are all sources of power, and when we allow openness, receptivity and the flow of life force, we can create anything we want."

Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

I find that the sacredness we seek is found within us and can be connected regardless of our surroundings. The greatest power there is, I believe, is the power people have within themselves when we accept all the parts of us. When we are in touch with the wisdom of the soul and natural intelligence, we are in touch with the truth and the sacred that everyone is a part of. Sacred means integration and holistic. This truth is equal for all and can be called the pure truth because it is not colored by our subjective personality and thoughts. I do not live in this world, but AM this world. I am the water, the sky, the people, the flowers, the animals, the surroundings and everything. They are not beyond me, as I am part of everything. I AM shows us that we can attract and become one with whatever we choose, as described in the previous chapter. We begin to glimpse the light that lies beyond the visible world we see through direct experience of the divine. No words can contain the majestic Absolute, and no mind can encompass the totality of the divine reality.

In my experience, we are now in a time when all people, regardless of faith, ethnicity, religion, tradition or culture, can live out the Christ energy within themselves. That is, everyone has the opportunity to live out their holiness. Freedom and salvation are not just for the entitled few, but also for what we have previously called the low life of the world. We can witness the Christ energy in ordinary circumstances and situations, where this unity energy will transform people and societies. If we do not want to use the terminology "Christ energy" we can replace it with the words: peace energy, healing energy and unity energy. Christ is a state of consciousness and is the same state as oneness, unity consciousness and I AM consciousness. It is about a state of alert (mindful) consciousness; impeccability, self-responsibility and integrity through our open heart where we realize the Christ consciousness. We must see ourselves and our inherent responsibility to live through Christ-consciousness. The practice of observing one's habits, patterns and choices is crucial in this development.

"If we see GOD as omnipresent, omniscient, who is above everything, who knows everything and organizes everything, we can directly associate God with the oscillations and consciousness of the quantum field."

Nassin Haramein.

Joseph Sieber Benner was an American author, new thinking writer and representative of the "Brotherhood of Christ" who wrote under the name "Anonymous". He was the first to introduce the knowledge and doctrine of impersonal life, also known as the "I AM" doctrine. In the concluding paragraphs, I will refer to Benner's book "The Impersonal Life" through my translation;

Christ, or the I AM consciousness, must be born in our heart, and in the heart of every personality. It must grow and thrive, and somehow pass through each experience symbolized in the life of Jesus, before we can get to the point and become a conscious expression of the Divine Idea. The example of Christ's love and compassion that Source expresses in Life, we too must express to some degree in our life, before we can taste the fruits of this love, which in reality is not love, but the Holy Three-in-One, - the Love- WisdomWisdom-Forcet, - the true expression of My impersonal life.

We must feel the Divinity within us before we know that I AM there. I am not your intellect and body. We cannot awaken to this fact until we can get away from the consciousness of the body and intellect, which for so long have kept us enslaved. Until we have been prepared to know the Divinity, it is only natural for our personality to question and rebel.

Will the cells in our body and the muscles in our arms choose to have a separate will from our own will, or a separate intelligence from our own intelligence?

Like the cells of the Source body, the consciousness that is Source Consciousness, the intelligence that is Source intelligence, and even the will that is Source Will. We have none of these for ourselves or from ourselves. All are divine and for this use only. Consciousness, intelligence and will are completely impersonal.

We may misinterpret the desires of Source, the urges of Source from within, and seek to use them for our selfish purposes, but even as we allow this, they still fulfill Source's purpose. For it is only by allowing ourselves to misuse the Gifts of Source and to feel the suffering of misuse that Source can make us the pure and unselfish channel Source needs for the perfect expression of Divine Ideas.

The best and surest way we can know Divinity is when selfless love fills our heart and there is a strong compelling urge to help someone. To heal their illnesses, to alleviate their suffering, to bring them happiness, to point out the true path. It is the actual feeling of Divinity within you, pushing the personality aside, using mind and body for the purpose that Source created, as the expression of Source's true Nature, which is perfect love.love. The vitalizing, enlivening, life-giving, empowering, healing, all-forynending, all-informing Force in the universe. Wherever we are, when awakening comes, whatever has been our training arena; in business, in profession, in manual labor, in church or in the underworld, -there lies perhaps our best opportunity to serve; for there we know best the way and the path.

Our best school and our best teachers are in our own home, by our own fireplace. No condition of life can be lifted up or conquered by escaping from it. Divine hand is necessary and must be supplied. It can only be applied by one who has experienced the depths as well as reached the heights of human experience, and with the Source as guide and interpreter.