Most people live within the paradigm of their programmed and scripted minds with limited truths and ways of existing. We see the result of this expressed through disease, violence, depression, extremes, war and condemnation. All extremities first begin in our mind, which we then project out into our external life. Our ego is the master of resistance and contraction, and is trained to hold on to its concepts of what we are, what reality is, what we think, and it does not allow us to let go.

We experience that the whole Universe is self-aware when we learn to surrender the matrix of the mind and open up to the present sensory flow, blessings of grace and transformation. Truthful surrender is without manipulation and has no strategy that tries to control what happens. We relax and learn to be present, continue to open, continue to soften, continue to allow all experience and unfoldment. When our surrender is very deep, we understand our own nature and its purpose and meaning in this world. The deeper we awaken, the more humble we become, and we remain alive through our hearts.

Knowing ourselves anew without concepts or pre-programmed truths is key. The consciousnesses of our ancestors, animals, disease, the universe, the earth, humans are all pre-programmed with a series of truths in their matrix, which become part of our ego matrix and mind-net. Every society, system, organization, business, family and other group consciousness has a matrix and mind-net of pattern. Society's matrix contributes to a powerlessness and impotence where we give up our power through contaminated food, patterns, habits, expectations, demands, stress and the hamster wheel we have been indoctrinated with.

"We can neither come to self-knowledge nor surrender through the opinions and prejudices of others."

We need to be aware that humans are the ONLY species on earth that can create something NEW. If we are aware of what the different consciousness matrix are, we can break free and create a new relationship with these, which is not based on any pre-set truth. We often live by the pre-programmed consciousness of what is and has been. We can CHANGE this and see illness, body pain, covid and atrocities as an initiation and upgrade of our awakened source of creation. Illness is a spiritual awakening and a wake-up call for change. Cultivating our experiences and learning to be with our own experience is the spiritual path of truth. All physical illness, suffering and ailments arise internally in the gap between the ego matrix and soul, in the space where we do not recognize spirit as our life force. 

There comes a point in life where something takes over and we are in a state that is beyond everything, where synchronicity and super flow takes us from moment to moment. This takes us beyond our own perception, beyond our senses, into the vibration of our cells within our DNA. Everything is intertwined with everything else. Everything dances in sync with itself. It invites us to receive the universe through our daily lives and to trust it.

"It is not necessary to believe to achieve an extended dimensional existence. At a certain dimensional level, we begin to feel unity."

When we have surrendered to being a Universal Source Creator, we are no longer a single individual. We are part of a whole harmony, which is an embracing powerful understanding of everything. Nothing is separate from us and we are the union of ALL. We know that the essence of us is this infinite Greatness from Source and the Universe. It doesn't matter if we feel pain or see our individual selves that constantly need to understand what has happened to us. We are the Wisdom, the Knowledge from Source and Oneness, and when we speak and think as Source-Creator, we act from this place. We experience that Life ALWAYS delivers EXACTLY what we need and that every experience is perfect.

It is a sensory experience of wholeness and Oneness where we feel that we have touched something we resonate with on a specific level, which is different from the usual personality. We remember the feeling of TRUST. It is a frequency and a state where everything is different from the normal frequency of reality. We have changed our conceptual understanding where we radiate our being of lightness, power and Grace. We give ourselves this experience as Universal Source Creator because there is no difference between us and other sources. We are open to the fact that we are not just a single human individual, but we are a BIG - WIDE understanding of intelligence. This INTELLIGENCE is more than the physical and the non-physical, and it penetrates everything that can be conceptualized by Who we are and who we consider ourselves to be. We are EVERYTHING and we are nothing. It is everything and nothing at the same time. Whatever we imagine, we are an awake being of Source-Creator power.

This is our HOME, it is our original innocence that takes us beyond our perception, beyond our senses and into the vibration of our DNA in our cells. We are HOME, and we KNOW we are HOME. Inside, all searching has come to an end because we remember WHO WE ARE, we remember that we are connected, and we orient our consciousness in a way that brings us comfort, peace, clarity and peace of mind. There is no separation in our existence where everything is entangled with everything else, and we feel and live from this connection and unity of our essence. It is our home, it is our original innocence, where all life flourishes. We affect everyone, everything in the World and in the Whole Universe when we live as this Universal Source-Creator - as a singularity of our source-greatness.