Living with total FREEDOM

Living with total FREEDOM

The reason why many of us do NOT live with freedom is about unconscious patterns of survival and the archetype "victim" of life's events. Being a victim is about us adapting to the systems and the environment to such an extent that they lead us into a state of sacrifice. This means that we do not stand up for the right thing because condemnation and inner wounds trigger pain in our body.

Freedom requires RESPONSIBILITY. When you have total freedom, you stand up for the truthful even if it is uncomfortable, embarrassing and against the flow of opinions.

Many point the finger at the government, the prime minister and high-ranking leaders as responsible for our freedom. Everyone can see in their own family, in the workplace, in organizations and where we travel to make visible the mechanisms that keep people down. Do you practice truth and justice in your workplace?

At my workplace Bufetat, I resigned my government permanent position due to violation, manipulation and document forgery from the management staff. I highlighted several fraudulent conditions, as did several of my co-workers. Eventually we became so powerless that we chose to resign. Reporting dishonest conditions means that we risk losing our jobs, and that we do not receive good documentation from the work we have done. It is easy to think limitedly about personal future prospects when a dishonest leadership is in power over us. How free are we then?

In several workplaces, in school systems and health systems, we find abusive people with bad attitudes who should be removed from their positions. Living with freedom requires COURAGE. Courage to talk about how dishonesty, forgery and manipulation permeate our surroundings. Are we then able to own and live out the values that are important to us at the core?

What would you do if you really owned the freedom you long for?

The reason we do not live with total freedom is due to SHAME. Shame is pain in our body. I was dumbfounded, trembling, and shaken like a wounded little child as I went through my deepest programming of shame. Shame activates the wounded child in us who has been told that we are not good enough and that we are "wrong". This shows us the core reason why we adapt to societal structures because it is about survival from the pain of shame. Most of us want to live with the least amount of pain. When we live in this unfortunate adaptation, we create inner tensions of fear which in turn gives us environmental diseases. We are left in the field of tension between shame from society or held back by our own opinions and the truthful. Everyone depends on a community to live good lives.

Freedom requires COURAGE and RESPONSIBILITY. All values we want to live by require at the core that we have the COURAGE to stand up for what we advocate. Most of us do not dare to share our innermost truths and hurts. We prefer to be in the comfort zone where we have adapted.

Some of us live in toxic families with rigid patterns that are judgmental without us being aware of it. We can see this from all the toxic patterns and attitudes that abound in many systems in Norway. In Tromsø, several systems are permeated with lies, manipulation and document forgeries. Tromsø municipality, control committees, in lodges, in religious communities and with state authorities, we find dishonesty. A mayor in Nittedal was charged in the summer of 2020 with aggravated corruption, just as police officer Erik Jensen was charged with drug smuggling and aggravated corruption. This is just a small per mille of the dishonesty that abounds in our society. The show sees only a small part of a GIANT iceberg of dishonesty.

The biggest challenge is often to stand up for the truthful in our own family, because we are relationally connected to the family. I received many condemnations from my family during a period when I stood up for my truthfulness. The family wanted me to continue to be in the role of "pleaser" and responsible in the created and accustomed framework of society. When we live with total freedom, it can scare many.

I have an extended family that lives from the heart with truth and freedom. This supportive community has been important in my path to creating inner freedom. We have learned that it is the external things that will give us freedom, while in reality it is about the feeling of freedom within us regardless of external factors.

With freedom we follow the gut feeling and intuition that shows us our way of truth. Challenges with intuition are that it is not logical or sensible, and does not follow established system. Intuition is often suppressed because it activates shame and the law of chastity if it tells us something other than society, family and friends expect of us.

Only your own truth and integrity make you FREE. "Enlightenment" feels like freedom. Every CHOICE we make gives us an opportunity to turn to the life we REALLY want.