My ceremony 11/11/2017

My ceremony 11/11/2017

One April day in 2017, I woke up with a direct knowledge and insight that told me to perform a sacred ceremony, in which I committed myself to living from the soul consciousness and the higher part of myself. So that I would not stop myself in this clear inner guide, I immediately sent an SMS to my closest friend. Although I have not been enthusiastic about large parties, the inner guiding was from a higher perspective, and it showed me that it was important that I conducted the ceremony. I gathered parts of the family, some old friends and some who had recently come into my life. In total we were some forty people in the ceremony. At this time I had not heard of anyone who had performed similar ceremonies. In retrospect, I have heard that it has become more common, and that others have also marked their soul transitions with ceremonies. From the old-fashioned way of looking at life, I was seen as weird, and ridiculed

The ceremony held on 11.11.2017 was not affiliated with any religion or particular denomination. Two shamans initiated me ceremonially, where I was given the choice of doing it in the shamanic tradition, or for my own composition. I chose to stand independently and for my own composition. Religions use rituals to empower believers and to bring them into mysteries that the creator of the religion has lived through. Shamans use rituals and ceremonies as a symbolic act and formality for initiations, initiations, transitions, to bring people into harmony with the power of nature, to help projects go as smoothly as possible, healing rituals, soul retrieval rituals, funerals, birth events, weddings, acts of respect and more. We can almost make ceremony and ritual action out of anything. It is the intention we have that is the most important thing and our most important guide. The intention and commitment from my ceremony was fidelity to soul consciousness and the promise to live from a co-creative consciousness and that which is greater than myself. I made an A4 page of pledges of allegiance that I kept on this day. The pledges were based on 7 virtues and honor codes;
-Courage - Love - Openness - Authentic - Personal integrity - Acceptance - Grace.

Since the ceremony was held during the unwinding phase of the old identity with transformations, changes and shifts in consciousness, my pledge of allegiance has also evolved in line with the new perspective from which to view life. Many may react to the fact that I have already changed some of the content a few years after the ceremony and the pledge of allegiance. This refers to the constant development of human beings, and that we will always be growing and changing. My soul is my guide, and is connected to other souls and our shared journey and growth. I had not included reverence and awe as important honor codes in 2017 because I considered these aspects as parts of grace. Although grace, reverence and awe have a lot in common, in 2020 I find that they have their own distinctive aspects that are individually significant.

Whether a person is reverent is essentially about accepting the principles of the sanctity of life, in ways he or she defines as sacred. Reverence is the experience of accepting that all life is, in and of itself, of value ». - Gary Zukav.

Vishen Lakihani says it is important to identify his value system. He uses the concept of soul imprint. If we do not know the values of our soul, we will suppress them because we do not live our own lives. We then live life the way the media, politics, parents, friends and the world tell us to live. When we identify the imprint of our soul, we become magnetic, because then our soul shines through everything we do. Many people do not live a life in sync with the imprint of their soul. The most important thing is to become very clear about who we are. Everyone is here as a soul with a human experience and meaning. We often forget this, and live the lives of others instead of our own.

The greatest strength of the shamanic tradition is direct revelation from the path of senses and experiences that provides truthful insight, learning, and wisdom. Shamanism is a universal practice that has survived for more than a hundred thousand years. It has a core message that everyone must find their own true path. That shamanism has worked and survived for a hundred thousand years is because it works and is results-oriented. Shamans were psychologists, healers, storytellers and doctors who provided business resources in their communities. They created harmony between the environment and the cultural community. If the shamans could not do their work in powerful ways, the people would die. In higher consciousness associated with soul consciousness, we gain access to direct revelations from our true soul and cosmic consciousness. A shaman is called a wounded healer, because they must first heal their own inner wounds, so that through this they gain the power to help others. Their learning is through experiential knowledge, ego-death, the heart and wisdom. In psychotherapeutic environments, it is a fact that our clients come to us with our own problems. In this lies the growth and the insight. The problems give us experience, insight and wisdom to help other people with similar problems. We become acquainted with the imbalances in humanity through our personal experiences and not through anything we have read. We then know how we can help a person through their darkness and their shadowy sides, because we ourselves have been there. Shamans know that it is useful to work from the inside out, and use medicinal plants and connections to nature as a recovery aid to vitality. Humans need meaningful relationships with nature, plants, animals, people, the environment and everything. The more free and enlightened we are, the stronger our healing power becomes.

For most people, it is physical pain that awakens the motivation to become a healer, as it did for me. This usually leads to a challenging inner journey, where true healing only happens when wisdom awakens within. The sacred through the heart is the best medicine. Having an experience of the sacred as a healing opportunity can be the most radical cure there is. The heart is central to a shaman who relies on working with the spirit world and other beings of light to achieve results. Helpers in other dimensions of consciousness contribute power to rituals, consciousness journeys, shamanic upper and lower worlds, healing and cures. Shamans work with magical powers and magic where mystical insight, understanding and cooperation with cosmic consciousness are part of the toolbox. An important factor in shamanism is that it is for everyone. There has been a notion that shamanism is reserved for a select few, which is not true. Shamanism is everyone's heritage, and part of the whole of human history. Everyone who awakens to higher consciousness contributes to the positive development of humanity. A shaman is a person who has integrated the feminine and masculine within themselves, and who works for peace. Peace within and peace in the world. When we do shamanic techniques, we are usually more satisfied with ourselves and live happy lives. Shamans mostly live from an elevated state of consciousness within themselves.

Throughout human earthly journeys, the shaman must go through initiations to become initiated. The way this plays out in human lives is that those who have chosen this usually go through one or more life-death themes. Shamans in tribes and societies have been chosen because they have had near-death experiences from the other side, and then return to the three-dimensional world. Once shamans have made this transition, they have an opening and a greater perspective and awareness that provides a portal to grace consciousness. Shamans can then channel other dimensions and use insights and wisdom from these on earth. The initiations refer to the shaman's awakening of inner soul power and wisdom. It is not something we consciously decide from programmed thoughts. It is our soul contracts that determine this, and the timing is in relation to what has been agreed on a higher level. Shamans use their multi-sensory ability in their relationships with five-sensory people who do not have access to higher dimensions. Shamans channel for other people who do not have this ability.

"A shaman knows that you have to live the change you want to see in your surroundings. It's up to individuals. You and me. As you heal, you yourself are healed".

- Shamanistic wisdom.

From 2016 until today, I have participated in hundreds of ceremonies and inner journeys. Most have been co-created with others, with different leaders leading the ceremonies and initiations. In addition, I have initiated ceremonies on my own when I have encountered challenges, when something has been unclear, or when I want deeper insights and elevated states of consciousness. The first few years I participated in ceremonies, it was mostly about unlearning and depersonalizing old identities and limiting thoughts. The clients I have worked with, workplaces, friends, colleagues and people in different situations have all given me insights, experiences and learnings on my journey. Our lives are a reflected reality. From 2018 onwards, it has been more about integrating and standing firm with an open heart, on the new path that has opened up for me. The ceremonies in recent years have largely been about telepathy, connection to mother earth, the non-physical, collective field of consciousness, guidance and insights from that which is greater than myself.

"Do not look for holiness in anyone but yourself" .

- Buddha.

The most important thing about my ceremony on November 11, 2017 was the commitment I made to myself and to life. The sacredness associated with soul consciousness is an important aspect and therefore I honor silence. Sometimes I make an altar, using the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether, and connect with mesa stones. I prioritize intimate and sacred relationship with the soul consciousness and take in messages from that which is higher than me.

We all have great access to the sacred, and with conscious creativity we can create anything we want. No matter what the environment throws at us, our inner connection to the sacred will give us support and security even if we mess up or fail to follow the principles and doctrines of society. We live by our own values and codes of honor above the laws and rules of society. We are not willing to negotiate our own integrity and wisdom from our souls. It is usually our health that pays the price when we blindly obey others.

The commitment to being truthful and honest I believe will lead to health and vitality, something that everyone can have in their life. Many people have learned to use little white lies as a defense, and to get out of situations. Many of us are conflict shy. It is important to be aware that it is ourselves, our biological system and health that pay the price for lying. We have an internal self-regulation system that is strongly influenced by lying, suppression and denial. It is our own behavior and attitudes that give us feedback where falsehood and suppression cause anxiety, depression and other mental and physical illnesses. I know some people will react to my statement, but I know for a fact that dishonesty directly affects our health. I didn't think I was dishonest when I was true to my programming and thought identity. Our soul identity is often far from society's thought paradigm, and thus we, unconsciously, create imbalance and disease within ourselves.

Most of us have learned to manipulate ourselves. We manipulate ourselves to follow scripts from society's culture and through the facade we hold as an ideal image. Many also claim to be truthful, and experience themselves as truthful by following their created roles and facades. Many have created such a great distance between their soul identity and the character being played out that identification is all about facade. People I have worked with, including myself, have experienced being incredibly good at manipulating ourselves. We sabotage ourselves and persuade ourselves away from what our soul identity is really telling us. We do it so many times that it has become automatic, and in this we create illness. We create illness because we have learned from society, school and parents to deny our authentic self. In this way, we are trained to lie and manipulate in order to fit in. The consequences of this miseducation manifest themselves in mental illness and other environmental illnesses. Society's imbalance becomes part of our imbalance, which manifests itself in our psyche and body.

Former CIA officer and author Susan Carnicero has written the book " Spy the lie", claiming that people generally lie ten times a day. When it comes to ten lies per day, it is about everything from small white lies to not hurt anyone's feelings, to having a conversation in a special direction to avoid discomfort, or to the bigger lies.

"It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived." - Mark Twain.

The video presented below from "My ceremony 11.11.2017" was filmed in 2020, and some of what I say has already changed for me. 

People are constantly evolving towards greater expansions within themselves. The more we expand, the more holistically we experience our existence and being. What is true at one level of perception (ego consciousness) need not be true at a higher level of perception (soul consciousness).

Written in a different way;

There are different levels of consciousness and different worldviews for each dimension that people find themselves in. What is true in one dimension does not have to be true in another dimension.

Recommend you to read the Health Bible chapter 20:3 - 20:5 which shows us that dimensions give us different levels of perception of the same reality. (You can find this in The Little Health Bible)