Principles of Soul

#Soul principles

  1. Everything is energy, vibration and frequency that provides experiences and sensations.
  2. Life is a reflection of our energy and consciousness, where everything stems from love. Our inner universe is a reflection of the outer universe of existence.
  3. Peace, serenity and freedom start in the human mind.
  4. The language of the soul is the wisdom of the emotions.
  5. Neurological and emotional repression gives us imbalances and diseases
  6. Live with reverence and your sacred source design.
  7. Everything is dichotomous, everything has poles, and everything has its opposites.
  8. Humans can sense the whole world and the universe.
  9. We are creative beings who are constantly developing and evolving.
  10. The sacred cosmic heart is impersonal and beyond time and space.
  11. Eternity is self-conscious, present and all-encompassing.
  12. We are all connected in unity through the laws of the Universe/God.
  13. The heart, the heart sense and the holy spirit of eternity are our true allies.
  14. Your soul's meaning is experience, expansion, bliss and service.
  15. The soul's philosophy of life is about UBUNTU - "I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE".
  16. The signature of the soul is our true inner value and sense of home.
  17. Replace right and wrong with what works and what does not work.
  18. Be more of yourself and be the change YOU will see in the world.

In societies where the "Nordic" The jantel law has been central for almost a hundred years, many people find it vulnerable to talk about the heart and inner knowing. In Norway, we have been taught to highlight the shortcomings and inadequacies associated with welfare schemes and the common medical paradigm, and this has resulted in unbalanced attitudes. The Norwegian state has enormous money and resources that are administered according to a strict legal framework where a Western paradigm of thought with paragraphs and rules governs the benefits. Judgemental social structures can be found in all countries, where the moral codes of different cultures reveal the leading attitude in certain areas.

Have you reflected on whether the law of jealousy is part of you and your inner culture? When I talk to people from the USA, England and Iceland, they often think that the collective culture of the law of jealousy cannot be possible in the 21st century. For outsiders, it is difficult to understand that an entire nation "accepts" such unwritten norms. The law of janteloven is characterized by invisible patterns of adaptation that are programmed from early childhood in families and educational systems, and sets cultural tendencies where citizens are expected to surrender their inner strength to authorities, governments and leaders. Even Norwegian authorities and our heads of state submit to the elite power of other parts of the world. The Scandinavian people are generally good at submission and pleasing. We are good boys and girls and do what we are told by the upper classes. Those who are less adaptable and refuse to submit often become rebels and extremists. Jantelov culture contributes to low awareness, feelings of inadequacy, pride, anger or submission.

We have created societal systems, laws and regulations that keep people at a lower level of consciousness, which in turn increases the propensity for manipulation and brainwashing. When people are taught to doubt themselves, mass media and the systems can exploit this for an economic consumer perspective. In Chapter 43 of the Health Bible, I refer to some of the directly health-damaging social structures we see on earth in the 21st century. I have chosen to challenge the law of jingoism through the use of higher vibrational expressions, which I have chosen to call The 18 Soul Principles. These can function as an upgrade of the The jantel law, and as new road signs. With these 18 principles, we can contribute to the transformation of cultures and societies that are characterized by the The jantel law.

Many laws and moral commandments are based on what we must refrain from and what is sinful. What is sinful and morally wrong in one culture will often be different for another culture, in other words, it is contextual and linked to the area we live in. The universe does not have morality. The moralization and culture we are born into gives us our identity of thought. Morality is about the programming of thought identity and emotion identity from which we evaluate and compare ourselves. Because the majority of people are unilaterally trained in thought identity, we practice moralization based on each individual's cultural programming. The moral codes provide us with a reality that programs the personality with patterns and neural circuits from which we act. Our world of reality is therefore within our own matrix and programming from culture and moral codes. For example, through computer technology and artificial reality (VR), which encompasses both sight and sound, we can manipulate our senses and reality. VR shows us our own illusion creation and that the reality of the senses is created from our own inner world. In this way, we can simplistically say that we live in an extremely advanced reality game programmed by moral codes. This understanding of illusion is at the heart of all old world religions.

We need to develop through consciousness rather than morality. Morality makes us sick and violates self-worth. The future human wants to evolve through free consciousness and natural emotions so that we can be the best version of ourselves and others. We now see that all moral structures contribute to mental and physical illnesses. This shows us that morality by itself cannot solve the crises that are taking place in this era. We have to go beyond morality, to the soul identity that is the true culture for each of us. As responsible human creators, we have no morality attached to fixed cultures and social systems. Our creation is about stewardship of the energy within and around us.

The Soul Principles focus on the universal laws that apply to everyone regardless of culture and morality. They refer to the human aspects that promote the source consciousness and the truthful part of us. What is most appropriate for the individual will show up in our lived life from a higher level of consciousness. It is not about memorization of principles, but rather an integration of wholeheartedness - where our soul is in the driver's seat. In resource 14 in the Health Bible, you will find an exercise that deals with your best version.

The Soul Principles provide a directional path that shows that people have individual soul signatures. There are many paths and truths to good health, vitality and meaning, where synchronization with the soul essence is the right path for us. Integrity is important in everything we do, where heart integrity is connected to the soul signature and our divine will. With heart integrity, we act across socially created barriers and structures that often both violate and harm people. Because mother earth in this time period is unbalanced, heart integrity in the 21st century will often be the polarity of societal systems. When we reject vulnerable people because of socially created barriers, we inflict unfortunate environments on others. All 18 soul principles refer to the connection we have to biodiversity and that everything is connected. When we eradicate species and genetic diversity on Earth, we also eradicate parts of ourselves.

No religion, ideology, authority, system or government has the right to undermine our soul. It is our responsibility to live from soul consciousness in all aspects of life. When we choose to live from soul consciousness, even in extreme situations, we have the greatest freedom and power there is.

The Soul's philosophy of life is based on UBUNTU which is an ethical, humanistic view of life based on "I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE". The heart gives us the truth about the service we wish to provide on earth. The impulses of the soul are felt in the heart and emotions. The heart, as we know, is a sense organ as well as an organ that pumps blood through the body. The heart perception is an expression of the spirit of eternity that embraces all of reality where everything is connected.