On 11.11.2020 I started a wave of truth - #Truth♥️. We need to live honestly and truthfully. Several health and treatment systems have profit and money as their top value. This directly affects the health of people 💉 💉💉💉. One of the reasons why we see the rise of mental and chronic illnesses is because of people's attitudes, paradigms and values. Now we need to transform the systems that contribute to people taking their lives, both consciously and unconsciously.

In early childhood, we learn to hold back, be "pleasers", listen and fit into the A4 framework that exists in Jantelov-Norway. We create stress in people when we MUST be something other than what we are, and with this we create "unconscious" diseases. When we have to hold back, suppress and lie to fit in, this is one of the BIGGEST factors that contribute to mental and chronic illnesses.
😰 🤯 🥶 🤫 🥺 😡 😰

We say that we have great freedom of expression in Norway.

Is this real?

Why are some people experiencing death threats, "haters", and persecution ??? 

When I received a message of concern from the child welfare service, I received advice from teachers, doctors, therapists, friends and everyone in my environment about lying. I was advised not to tell too much to the child welfare service and keep the cards close to my chest? Even a colleague of mine who worked in the child welfare service advised me not to tell too much to the first-line service in the child welfare service. Why is that so? ☠️. Families do not dare to ask for help for fear of the child welfare service. We find the same conditions in relation to psychiatry. People need help, but do not dare to ask for help for fear of the child welfare service. 😰

Norway is a traumatized country. For many years we have been hiding behind a lot of money, higher education, status symbol, deeds and external abundance. It is our children who are now paying the price with the emotional wounds that have been going on for generations. We have more knowledge than ever, and many good health systems. Why then do we see a resurgence in mental and chronic disorders? Before the corona pandemic, 110,000 young people under the age of 29 were out of work and in education. Figures from the main organization "Virke" refer to an increase to at least 130,000. 😭 😡 😭

Most people are not aware of the emotional programming that takes place in the mother's womb and the early childhood years. Humans live blind and sleepy with unconscious patterns projected out. Have you looked at your own patterns and what you put out in society? Do you think that your thoughts and attitudes do not matter ❓❓❓

If we want to create a better future for our children, we all have to look at patterns and attitudes within ourselves. At one of my workplaces, there were 9 of us who resigned our permanent positions during a six-month period. We quit our regular jobs due to bullying, forgery, violation and bad attitudes.

Some systems practice camaraderie. We cover for each other and our professions.

When adults pay with their own integrity, it is our children who pay the price. 

How is it in your workplace or education? 🎙 📺 🎙

Now it is crucial that we live from our own integrity and stand up for the truth. 📓

Help me and help.

#Truth -Truth makes us healthy and balanced.

 All the best to you from Ann-Peggy Heart ❤️