The soul's philosophy of life is based on Ubuntu, which is an ethical, humanistic outlook on life based on "I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE". The heart gives us the truth about what service we want to assist with on earth. We know the soul's impulses in the heart and emotions. The heart is a sensory organ in addition to being an organ that pumps blood through the body. The heart sense is an expression of the spirit of eternity that embraces the whole of reality where everything is connected.

Ubuntu describes the connection between all souls and everything we surround ourselves with. Ubuntu emphasizes community, human connections, and the language and virtues of the soul. When we live by the ubuntu philosophy of life, this includes the soul's language of emotion, inclusion, connection, charity, reverence, altruism, security, vulnerability, awe, intuition, receptivity, openness, compassion, wisdom, grace and forgiveness. The word originates from South Africa, and the way of thinking is seen as a traditional African philosophy of life. Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated in 1999 a definition of this philosophy of life;

" A person with Ubuntu is open and accessible to others, acknowledges others, does not feel threatened by others being mediated and feels good, because he or she has a correct self-affirmation that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a larger whole and is oppressed when others are humiliated or oppressed, when others are tortured or restrained.”

We need to know that;

« I am EVERYTHING. Everything in the Universe is ME ».

Without this wisdom there is no adequate education or empowerment in a human being. Without diversity, we create trauma, disease, destruction and condemnation.

Ubuntu gives us the basic attitude and the paradigm of thought needed to create sustainable systems on earth. Ubuntu synchronizes people's conflicting aspects of reality and existence. It embraces both the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind so that we integrate an expanded identity of the whole. Mental illnesses arise, among other things, as a result of society only recognizing the identity of thought, and excluding the identity of feelings and the identity of the soul, chapter 20:3 in the Health Bible. We are a complex human being with many dimensions and forms of creation. Ubuntu contributes to preventive health and peace in the world.

We need to teach the children of the future an identity that is based on a global and cosmic connection. We want to make our identity as big as possible, so that it includes expanded understanding and inclusion. Restricted identity is layers of ignorance, horror, fear, separation and illness. Children need to learn global songs, in which we identify with all people, animals, plants and all life on earth. Only then will human intelligence work for the good of all. Without global and cosmic identity, we become egoists.

"My Rainbow Race" is a global song written by peace activist, folk singer and author Pete Seeger (1967). It is based on UBUNTU.