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On 01.01.2021, I joined politics through the newly launched party Sentrum. Until 2020, I had some prejudices about the political system as moralizing, exclusionary and camaraderie. For this reason, I had stayed away from active participation in politics. I don't want to be part of the shit throwing and condemnation between different parties where one color and direction criticizes other colors and directions. Red, blue and green in a blissful mix. How can we transform condemnation in our systems?

For me, the power of the heart and the truthful are the most important focus when we want to create sustainable and supportive educations and health systems. Politicians and authorities have a responsibility to be good and truthful role models.

The best party program I have read is the program for the party Sentrum, which is led by Geir Lippestad. In addition, I know myself well in the love party and the health party. These three parties are the ones that reason best in my truthful heart. I can recognize myself in Lippestad's life experiences of being a parent of children with extra health challenges, and losing a child. The most important flag issue for the Center Party is DIVERSITY, which is in dire need of. The idea of diversity must be included in educations, health systems and in all systems, where we can offer a greater variety of perspectives and learnings.

The Center Party points to balance. To live from the power of the heart, we need to be in balance within ourselves. Western medical thinking and teaching systems include to a lesser extent the power of the heart. The teaching systems are largely concerned with the rational brain separated from everything else. The ultimate in being a rational person is to be a psychopath with no emotions, heart or soul. We then identify only with our thoughts. If we reach the stage where we are only our thoughts and knowledge without the inclusion of the heart, we are inclined to believe everything. We then believe everything we are told because we are not connected to the heart. It is only by attachment to the heart that we can feel the truth. Without a heart we are rowboats, where we can not feel the truth and can not love. With true connection to the heart comes our true knowledge and wisdom that knows why we are here.

In education, politics and health, we often see illness as individual problems without including the environment. Attitudes and values created in the early years of life are essential. These must be protected because this is the most important future resource we have. Our attitudes and values show us the relationship and the relationship we have with the earth, the people, ourselves, the animals and everything in our environment. If we treat our surroundings badly, this is part of the way we are programmed. Humans are connected to everything, where we adapt to the culture and "programming" of society.

Our attitudes and values often function as a hamster wheel with repetition because they are controlled by our unconscious mind which makes up more than 95% of our consciousness. To be 100% balanced, vital and strong, I had to "hack out" the programming from society and the Jantelov culture that met me in society. Most Norwegians live with closed hearts and an inner wounded child. This shows us that the majority of the Norwegian people live with trauma because we live with closed hearts. Living with a closed heart is a definition of trauma. Trauma is about not being able to be ourselves and live from the truthful heart power we desire.

Our public education does not embrace the wounded child that the majority of people carry in them, and which has been transmitted for generations. Doctors, psychologists, sociologists, child welfare educators and many more health educators mostly focus only on the rational brain with pugging and memorization. We learn memorization as a "bypass" of our inner wounded child where we exclude the heart and experiential learning. Gestalt therapy education and learning through herbal traditions include the heart so that we learn transformation and energy medicine. Primordial learning shows us energy medicine where we know that we are connected and in contact with everything that is.

When I graduated as a sociologist, this is an education that has a basic intention to get to know society. We must know the systems, structures and culture that affect society. I have been a supervisor for environmental therapists, social workers, child welfare educators and social workers where there is great variation in suitability for each individual in relation to professionalism. We find this in all professions. In all educations that deal with the relationship and treatment of people, it is what we have in ourselves, and whether we have peace of mind that is crucial. If we do not honor our own heart power, we can help others to a lesser extent to find their heart power and inner peace.

The UN's sustainability goals, negotiated by all UN countries, are the world's joint work plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030. The Center Party's policy is based on the UN's 17 sustainability goals with social, economic and environmental sustainability. 

# 1. Eradicate poverty

# 2. Eradicate hunger

# 3. Good health and quality of life

# 4. Good education

# 5. Gender equality

# 6. Clean water and good sanitation

# 7. Clean energy for everyone

# 8. Decent work and economic growth

# 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

# 10. Minor differences

# 11. Sustainable cities and communities

# 12. Responsible consumption and production

# 13. Stop climate change

# 14. Life in the sea

# 15. Life on land

# 16. Peace, rights and well-functioning institutions

# 17. Collaborate to achieve goals

There are several who are skeptical of the UN, WHO and WHF where many of the laws in society reflect where money and power lie. We find the same skepticism in relation to the various political parties. Concentration of external power and profit utilization gives us the biggest reason for the health challenges. Several systems are in the "whats in it for me" (WIIFM) thinking paradigm, with greed and profit as the driving force. Politics and leadership have been governed by self-interest where power elites have made laws to protect themselves and theirs. We concentrate wealth and resources and call it market economy. With this, we continue to maintain the distinction between rich and poor, and those who have and those who do not. Political parties are supported by business leaders and conservative people who are only concerned with capital, tax relief and benefits. 

The question is how each of us can change our paradigms of thought from self-interest to common interest. We need a radical revolution in relation to human paradigms of thought where we create a group consciousness and a worldview of unity and "whats in it for us" (WIIFU) rather than division and we against them.

In Norway and the Nordic countries, we have the opportunity to start new sustainable systems for the people of the future. The policy as it is practiced needs to change. Each of us needs integrity with honesty and authenticity in what we work for. We can learn a lot from those who stand in the strength of their heart. Good examples of this are Geir Lippestad, Jan Thomas, Victor Sotberg, Lilli Bendriss and Martha Louise. 

We need to embrace the feminine values to achieve PEACE in the world. Most of us are programmed with a fighting energy that we hear from the words and curricula we have in the various systems. The combat energy is individual-focused and exclusive. We need to nurture, transform, complement and accommodate each other. With transformational learning, we come into contact with the heart so that we can create good relationships, kindness, empathy, generosity and inclusion.

Transformational learning shows us an expanded understanding of relationships where we act on the basis of preventive health with a higher degree of awareness. With transformational learning, we create healthy children who do not develop mental illness, anxiety, depression and chronic disorders. We must therefore replace the content of kindergartens, school systems, vocational education and health systems. It does not help with nice and catchy words if we do not live with freedom from the heart and the idea of diversity. 

The heart is FREEDOM. For us to be healthy people, we must live with freedom. My intention is to bring the freedom of the heart into politics. 

I believe that everyone involved in politics must come from an intention of "WIIFU" (Whats In It For Us) instead of WIIFM (Whats In It For Me). If we do not have the interests and focus of the community, we should stay away from politics. Narcissism and arrogant ego do not belong in politics and executive power.

In order to achieve sustainable solutions, all moralizing systems must be changed. We still see a lot of bullying in school systems and in the workplace. When we are moralizing, we show that we live with condemnation and oppression within ourselves. It is moralization that leads to bullying, conflicts and disagreements. It is important to be aware that life is more than just black and white thinking.  

Bullying and abuse can best be prevented in the family. Parents' attitudes towards other people, and attitudes towards their own children, are what are decisive for how we meet other people. Many in Norway live with the attitude "we know best". We are good at thinking about ourselves, our own family and setting boundaries for others. Some parents warn their children against other children, and then model attitudes that we are better than the others. Some children experience loyalty conflicts when their friends are having a hard time, and they know that their parents do not like to have contact with these friends in the first place. When children's friends and comrades have difficulty and end up in challenges, this will affect our children. They take each other in and want to be there for each other.

How can we prevent bullying? We can all start with ourselves. If we point the finger and judge others, we know that we have it in us to bring down others. When we judge another human being, we do not define him / her. - We define ourselves. Attitudes and values we hold in our hearts say a lot about how we meet our fellow human beings. Mother Teresa did a lot wisely and said many wise words. Among other things, she said;

            " The problem with the world is that we draw the circle for our family too small" - Caring for those outside their own family will bring benefits to all " Mother Theresa.

When we see the proportion of social security recipients in the NAV system, this gives us clear evidence of Norwegians' programmed health and the identification of A4 ways of thinking. I myself became part of the NAV system in 1996 when my son got cancer. I am immensely grateful for the welfare benefits that exist in our country and which have helped us to concentrate on the course of the disease and the crisis we were in. If we raise this to a higher perspective, it is again social structures and the The jantel law that contribute to 90 % of diseases in the world. This shows the documentary Heal (2017), and new science and research compare Doctor Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. We therefore need cultures and social systems with good attitudes and values.

There has been talk of reducing the NAV system despite the fact that we are seeing an increase in mental and chronic illnesses. Some believe that it is an exaggeration now that young people are struggling mentally, have ME, fibromyalgia, fatigue and similar diseases, and that they are lazy and heartless. This is a judgmental attitude. It is about energy overload and environmental diseases. Many are overloaded with "polluted" judgmental energy that directly affects our psyche and body. Sensitive people take in others' condemnations and develop disease from it. Condemnation causes pain and leads to even more imbalance and illness.

I hope that many young people in Norway get involved politically and choose to vote for the party Sentrum, precisely because we want diversity so that we can contribute to change. We need honesty and truthfulness in our political system.

Our children are more innovative and innovative than the "old generation" is. Most of us have outdated programming where many people talk about a paradigm shift. Paradigm shift is about changing the way we think and our minds. The same shift occurred when we long thought the earth was flat, only to discover that the earth was round. The paradigm shift is about human perception and how we experience and see the world.

Now everyone has the opportunity to create "heaven on earth" with community and cooperation where we complement each other at all levels.

Mahatma Gandhi said "Become the change you want to see in the world"

I have taken note of this saying, where I have created the change in myself that I want to see in the world. I live from inner peace and quiet. When I have created inner peace and serenity in myself, I can create the same in my surroundings. Everyone can create peace and change the world by being the change they want to see in the world.