Values - Attitudes - The Family

Values - Attitudes - The Family

Our immediate surroundings have an enormous impact on health. The unwritten rules of the Jante Act say that we must adapt to the laws of society, otherwise we must be SHAME !!!!

I had a moralizing dad who would do everything RIGHT. My father carried several wounds that had been transmitted through generations, unconsciously. My father and grandfather were authorities who acted as patriarchs in the family systems. All authority figures and leaders who live with the pattern of wounds in themselves, transgress violations unconsciously. The shadow side of people becomes part of our environment. Parents subconsciously transmit their own wounds and shadows to their children.

What is the most important future resource to tackle is about the early childhood years and what happens to our children. The attitudes we carry within ourselves, we must pay the price for. Ancestors' patterns and wounds that subconsciously exist in us affect us more than the external environment. Our patterns give us an inner health and frame of mind with which we meet everything in life.

My son Alexander was born with colic and cried a lot the first two years of life. He could not find security and peace without lying right next to my chest. He sensed the surroundings and the energy of society that was painful for a sensitive body. As children, we have to adapt to society where we as young people / adults say that "I'm just like that". But we are programmed to adapt to a raw, cynical and dishonest society. You are not like that, you are programmed like that, unfortunately.

In Norway, we are programmed with attitudes from the Jante Act. Since the majority of Norwegians are traumatized, we see many know-it-alls and arrogance between the various scientific and religious traditions. Those who moralize and put themselves above others by knowing best, are helping to create disease and conflict in the world. We must meet each other with openness and inclusion.

It is in the close relationships that we learn the most and can have the greatest development. In my youth, I had a period where I condemned my mother, and distanced myself from her. She triggered the wounds that were transferred to me, and this hurt. Parents and children triggered each other's wounds. An important learning these days is to see both what our parents and children show us. What do you react to in your close relationships?

Most parents have learned that it is important to control their children. With this we create diseases in the children. Children need support, embrace and security. The more you try to control your child the more imbalance and disease you create in your child. A hysterical and extremely worried mom and dad is pathogenic. The rise of mental and chronic illness tells us that many of us carry the pattern of unfortunate ancestors that has been transmitted, unconsciously, for generations.

We must learn to see our children as independent souls. Your children have a free soul that wants to flourish with their geniuses. In today's society we have more "my children and your children" due to the division in the family systems. It is extra important that we see our exes and mothers / fathers of our children, as souls we wish everything well to. Condemnation and bitterness parents and adults send between each other become our children's carriers. This creates sick children.

Everyone can create peace in their minds. When we as parents have peace in our minds, we give our children, our parents and the environment the greatest GIFT that exists. When we live with peace of mind, we can create all the good things that contribute to well-being and good health. This attitude is the most supportive resource for the children and the future.

In 2015, I bought a source of inspiration with 100 different virtues (values). I posted these on the page These are located here on the website.

My dad had several facades because he carried internal wounds in himself. This is exactly what we see in society. A lot of soreness and disappointments are hidden behind the status symbol, professional roles, money and masks. Our attitudes give us diseases. We must move above the level of moral judgment, to the level of what works and what does not work. Right and wrong vary from culture to culture, where moral dogmas make us sick. Depersonalization / deprogramming is about letting go of ancestral patterns with jante attitudes that make us sick.

Values - attitudes and the family are our future resource, and we must go within ourselves.

The health bible helps you to see the hidden patterns that affect us most of all.

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