THE HEALTH BIBLE - THINK WITH YOUR HEART. Understand our children, our health and the morale impact.

Welcome to the House of Literature at 18.00 on Friday 11 November 2022 in the Wergeland hall.

11.11.22 at the House of Literature will be an evening COMPLETELY out of the ordinary where we interact and experience through the HEART. You are invited into your true communication through the heart and soul, where YOU learn to experience life as a mystic. Mysticism is closeness and experience to oneness/whole. A mystic experiences the mainstream explanatory models and religious systems as inadequate. 

GP Tor Magne Lund will highlight health trends and how we can broaden our understanding of health and recovery. He will also talk about how we deal with the pain of life inside a doctor's office? Soul interpreter Mette-Marit Nordby will show us the wisdom and knowledge from the heart and our natural essence (see link to businessfrasjela.no v/Mette-Marit further down the page). There will be one or two secret guests on stage who will present new insights, learnings and understandings of expanded health. This is an evening you don't want to miss. It's your chance to turn your life upside down to live loving, balanced and amazing no matter what you have experienced or what challenges/illnesses you have. A life of positivity starts 11.11.22

On this FEST day, the Norwegian "Health Bible - Think with the Heart" will be inaugurated in physical form, putting holistic health on the agenda. Western medicine is good at acute health and surgery. Eastern medicine is good at chronic diseases and mental health. The Health Bible combines both Western and Eastern medicine and draws on the best of several health traditions. How can we understand illness in a way other than detailed and cut off from everything else? And how do imbalances in the world contribute to environmental illnesses?

Ann-Peggy Heart Divine will lead participants into the heart wisdom where all the answers can be found. Through an open heart we can transform most types of illnesses and imbalances, and facilitated by all is the healing of mental disorders. She has reversed physical and mental ill health on herself and several clients (children/young people and the elderly). With a shift in perception, each of us will receive the gift of life as we move from illness to balance and good health. Pain bodies and illnesses can be transformed into vitality and energizing joy with meaning.

Together we will create an UNFORGETTABLE evening, where there will be a gift exchange and several pleasant surprises that will be drawn among the participants in the hall 🥳 🤩 😘. Welcome to insights where you learn to become a conscious creator of your own health?

This is an event you don't want to miss 🥳and you will gain a deeper insight and understanding of yourself and the world 🤗

You HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to CREATE anything you want  

Welcome to an UNFORGETTABLE EVENING at Litteraturhuset on 11/11/2022

Book launch of the Health Bible and inauguration of #Truth

To create sustainable solutions for people and nature


Do you take the challenge and SHOW UP on 11.11.22?

Foreword from Lilli Bendriss

“A book you cannot be indifferent to. A personal story becomes a red thread for developing insight and raising awareness in a world where walls fall and old patterns and dogmas are replaced with new understanding. Spirit, soul and body become a vibrating unit. Hopelessness replaced with expectation and a roadmap that guides the traveler towards the destination while at the same time understanding that the journey is the destination. I am proud of the courage that the author shows here because yes, there will be many critical voices and understand each other. We are in a paradigm shift and souls have come to earth to be instigators of this. We are a soul that creates a body as a tool for the soul and in the same way that science now recognizes that we are energy beings, we raise our eyes towards the magic of creation and recognize that we are not locked in a diagnosis by other people's perceptions of who we are. The author shows us who we are through our own experience, inner wisdom and a burning heart for people. I believe in her. I see through her eyes. If there is one book you should read now, it is this one. “

Helga Krøger's summary from the Health Bible;

"Mental disorders are widespread in the population, both in Norway and worldwide. Among young people, there is an increasing trend, and suicide is now, in a global perspective, the third biggest cause of death among 15 to 19-year-olds. If you take a deep dive into statistical material, there are many people in the world whose lives are colored by pain, suffering, trauma and illness. The costs are enormous, both personally, for the outside world and in terms of resources. What if money was spent on mental health instead of mental illness?

The Health Bible's intention is to present an expanded perspective on health and human existence. Through awareness, emotions and contact with the soul, we can increase our understanding of ourselves and thereby others. In the seed of understanding ourselves and our fellow human beings lies the potential to create a better world for people to live in. The Health Bible is an expedition; first we hear about the author's own journey in a life marked by painful experiences which culminated in her son choosing to take his life. Next, we learn how the author manages to get back on his feet by using alternative, science-based forms of therapy that see people holistically. We are presented with various aspects of Western medicine and health systems that sometimes appear dysfunctional, and which are seen in the context of political leadership. Finally, the book presents a number of health-promoting exercises that we can use on the road to deep self-insight and better health."

The event is organized by DIVINE GRACE publishing house