Norway & Nordic countries

Norway & Nordic countries


On February 28, 2023, I was elected chair of Foreningen Norden Tromsø.

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At the end of 2020, I recorded a video about my thoughts on the Nordic region and how we can take health to a higher level.

In this video, I highlight two user experiences where both died as a consequence of a killer support system.

How can the Nordic region become even better at preventing mental illness?

How does the Norwegian welfare state work?

In Norway, we have a well-developed public system that provides Norwegians with many welfare benefits and a supportive environment. Despite all the benefits the country contributes to me, we have seen a large increase in mental and chronic illnesses in recent decades. What is leading this trend? The trend of increasing lifestyle diseases coincides with the distinction between poor and rich. In recent decades, we have seen that Norway has copied many structures and systems from the United States and other industrialized countries. These countries can also boast of various forms of racial segregation and differences between rich and poor. Who are the losers and winners in the class divide of the systems we have?

Highly sensitive and empaths who take in the energy vibration from society's surroundings are the ones who develop diseases and die. All people are affected by lies, manipulation, corruption, cynicism and cruelty. Sensitive people have great closeness to their soul consciousness which simply gets sick from the tendencies mentioned here. These tendencies lead to energy accumulation and emotional wounds. People have to adapt to the existing systems of society. Most public systems are one-sidedly based on the Western paradigm of thought where sensitive people become more and more ill. 

Consciousness and energy are essential factors for understanding health in a broader perspective. All humans have multiple points of consciousness. The ego consciousness is linked to society's paradigm of thought, while soul consciousness is linked to people's true identity. In Western school medicine, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists have included soul consciousness in their methods and techniques to a lesser extent. This causes mental and chronic diseases to escalate and double. We only treat the human being from the ego-consciousness without including the whole human being. With this we lose the greatest essence of health, vitality and power.

The health challenges in industrialized societies are directly proportional to the education, health and government systems that prevail in the Western paradigm of thought. Neither education nor health systems are good at preventive factors (Eastern medicine), and have an acute approach of fight, kill and remove. Both in relation to mental and chronic diseases, we need to include the complexity of the human being that is affected by absolutely everything we are and surround ourselves with.

With fight, kill and remove, we intervene in problems and challenges as they emerge in the final stages of development. We operate and remove tumors, cancers, heart disease and acute crises that over time have given us symptoms that could have been prevented if we had learned to understand the human energetic anatomy system.

The human energetic anatomy system is easily influenced where ancestral energy, environment, soul contracts, level of consciousness and inclusion of higher dimension are significant factors. In the Western paradigm of thought, the level of consciousness, soul contracts and higher dimensions have been little included in the educational, health and governmental systems. These are dimensions that deal with energy, vibration and frequency. The level of consciousness humans are at is synchronous with the level of energy, vibration and frequency that has prevailed on Earth.

Energy medicine includes a larger perspective of human existence, which allows us to face diseases, imbalances and challenges in a more sustainable way. We have little included emotional intelligence, which at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, January-2020, showed us sustainable development for the future. Emotional intelligence is directly proportional to the level of consciousness that is influenced by human emotions and feelings.

"We don't experience the world as it is. We experience our perception of the world."

Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

Norway has every opportunity to build revolutionary and carry powerful education and health systems. Those who today adapt to existing systems become winners and the rich, while those who "do not fit in " become the losers and the poor. Sensitive people take on energy vibration, where systems that contain moralization, repressed emotions, low levels of consciousness and disclaimers give rise to illness, helplessness and powerlessness. The divide will continue to grow in a societal model that excludes sensitive and empathetic people. Mental and chronic disorders show us today that more people are sensitive and develop diseases as a consequence of the social structures and systems we have.

Norway needs to show the world a heroic journey, where we rise above the old-fashioned system paradigm of introducing emotional intelligence and a higher degree of awareness. We need to let go of thoughts that show us that there is only one way to success and a good life. Humans are unique with different strengths that compliment each other in the human puzzle. We therefore need to strengthen our uniqueness and creativity that will benefit future people. It is the inner state each of us has, which at all times is crucial for a good life with well-being and joy. Well-being and joy provide good health, vitality, creativity and creative joy. When we turn the teaching systems so that we learn to understand people's energetic anatomy system, we create good health and the best basic basis for future people.

Norway can show the world a system revolution where we value and emphasize people's inner state over outer facade and perfectionism. Everyone who has a good inner environment in their psyche will have great creativity and power in their work performance. All teachers, leaders and systems must therefore be good at emotional intelligence, higher awareness, honesty and cooperation. My goal is to contribute to the system revolution that is necessary to create good health at an earlier stage in human development. We need to complement each other with the strengths and talents that will elevate our society and systems.