Sacred conversations

Sacred conversations

In 2023, the podcast "Sacred Conversations" where we talk about how people can create good health, well-being and heart wellness.

Sacred conversations refer to people's subjective truths without judgment and what gives us meaning, resonance and replenishment. We need to learn new ways of thinking, expanded perception, awareness and holistic understanding. The way we are trained to think gives us diseases and imbalances of various kinds.

Sacred conversations refer to holistic conversations without condemnation. Holy is not linked to a particular faith.

All people are programmed with different layers of condemnation. Both the school systems and the help systems in Norway have structures of condemnation because we have not "woken up", so that we live unconscious lives. Most people live from their unconscious programmed mind without thinking about what they have been programmed with since childhood.

For years I have been having sacred conversations with people without realizing that that is what I have been doing. When we meet people without judgment, we have sacred conversations. All words people react to are about their own triggers, and the judgment we have unconsciously been taught.

I am moved and moved when I see other people honor their light, their greatness, their zone and live out their genius. This zone and genius is about the sacred that dwells in all of us. We have this natural intelligence as a mother, musician, dancer, baker, bus driver, teacher, doctor, politician and other roles. Everyone has unique abilities and talents that we want to meet people with. This is a natural intelligence that is about our soul strength and genius.

Sacred conversations activate our self-healing intelligence. Our body heals itself if we give it the right conditions. Sacred conversations in the health forum contribute to a community and space that creates good health and well-being. Sensitive people need sacred space because it nourishes body and soul. The soul is the greatest healer in our lives. Your soul is the greatest self-healing generator in your life.

The sacred in us is the holistic and embracing in us. At the soul level we know, rather than believe and think. When we stand in our trinity and have coherence/congruence between all the parts of us, we are in our sacred zone. The sacred refers to the purity and essence of who we are. We are much more than what we have previously been taught we are.

Over 90% of our diseases are created in relationships and this tells us that supportive and good relationships will contribute to recovery and growth. Sacred conversations are therefore healing. With supportive community and generosity without condemnation, growth and well-being happen naturally.

More people carry heavy loads with family patterns that make us sick. Some need a break from their family so that they can transform and let go of unfortunate patterns that have often been in place for many generations. We need to put a STOP on the patterns that contribute to illness and victim states.

The sacred is also an aspect that will give us forewarning in different situations. We know that animals experience premonitions of some threatening situations. For example, the December 2004 tsunami in Thailand and the Indian Ocean showed that animals escaped to high altitudes hours before the tsunami hit Thailand. All animals (including humans) are connected to the earth, where the sacred aspect within us will give us forewarning if we learn to LISTEN. Everyone has an inner GPS and a soul sense (holistic body and soul) that is truthful and reliable. 

Humans are multi-sensory creatures where we have a power and a sense of heart that is also beyond space and time. In the current time period, we need community and sacred conversations more than ever. I offer sacred conversations both in the public space and in closed groups on to co-create well-being and good health for those who want this.

YOU are a HOLY human being. You can heal yourself if you open up to it.

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