Heart Journey

The Wisdom Codes (formerly Journey of the Heart) are weekend courses with transformational learning. We learn to create "heaven on earth "

"Heaven on Earth" is a state of consciousness created through the power of the heart. It is an inner perception shift. Perception is the mental construction of interpretation, acquisition, selection and organization of sensory information.  

Pure truth is felt and understood with every fiber of the body and soul. Through self-knowledge, self-awareness and soul consciousness, we are in touch with the sacred and impersonal part of us (the heaven on earth state). This is the path of truth, which is non-judgmental. We usually want to be as much of ourselves as possible.
Why do you think you are here?
What is your life symphony?

References from Module.1 of the Wisdom Code ❤️

Have you thought about what you expect from life❓ Or what life expects from you❓

Who are you?

You are not your thoughts, because you think them. You are not your emotions because you feel them.
Who is it that feels and thinks❓ You are not what you have. You are not what you do. What is it under all this alt

The Wisdom Code is for those who want to be at home in themselves and live the path of truth. You create a better world the way you want to see it. The Wisdom Code gives us a variety of communities that complement each other. A community of truthful people who live authentically and genuinely on their own terms. People who have transformed know who they are and why they are here. These shine, glow and radiate love. Examples can be found in the Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Bruno Gröning, Ailo Gaup, Sandra Ingemann, Princess Martha Louise and Maya Angelo.

The Wisdom Code is an initiation path that provides direction when the outer world is changing. The Wisdom Code is not suitable for those who are afraid of change and want to keep the status quo.

With transformation, we learn to connect with people around us and create healthy and good relationships with everyone. Transformation refers to our ability to go inward and connect with our own spiritual core. In society, we rarely talk about transformation, where we have instead become obsessed with learning. The most important learning and transformation is about the nature of the human system as part of the greater nature and creation of the earth and the universe. We need to teach young people transformation so that they can expand their way of seeing life and broaden their perception. A mind that has expanded can never shrink to its original size once we have changed our worldview. Once we have become more empathetic, kind, compassionate, authentic and independent, we will never lose this perspective.

Transformation comes from two different situations; it can come from suffering, things that throw us off course, loss or illness. When we get through these challenges, we are wiser and see the world through new glasses. Transformation comes in this situation through suffering, and from a gradual development of meaning-making. The second way of transformation takes place when we learn through mentors and people who have undergone transformation themselves, and who want to help us find the right course. People who stand in their inner wisdom can help others with transformation so that they do not have to go through suffering.

Awakened people who go through challenges know how to sail through them, and that challenges are present to teach us a lesson. We need to learn that love does not have to come from the external environment, but that it is generated from within us. We need to learn how to live in healthy ways, and how to deal with relapses, failures, emotions, sorrows and challenges. In addition, we need to learn how to face experiences and crises constructively.

Caroline Myss writes that transformation always involves a choice. Choices put a person at a crossroads between their faith and their destiny. Faith is when we relinquish our choices from ego-consciousness and surrender to that which is greater than us. When we are born, elements of our path are already given to us. We can speak from astrology, archetypal patterns, biochemical elements, our gifts, talents and many levels. Myss says that faith is independent of all these factors.

Destiny is when we write the end of our own story. We can do this consciously through soul consciousness and by seeing the bigger picture. We decide how life will turn out, even if we experience helplessness and powerlessness in certain situations. We find creative resources within us and relate to the present moment. Fate always leads us on the path where the soul takes control, instead of the ego and our fears. Destiny connects to faith when we give up our ego-awareness. Destiny takes our truths to that which is greater than ourselves and our allies in the unseen world. Destiny always leads us to a path we could not foresee, because the soul is the driver of our life.

Sadhguru writes that destiny is written by ourselves unconsciously. If we have control over the physical body, 15 to 20% of life and destiny will be in our hands. If we have control over our mind, 50 to 60% of life and destiny will be in our hands. If we have control over our life energies, 100% of life and destiny will be in our hands.

In many religions and traditions, heaven is called enlightenment. This refers to a complete change of perception from our egocentric personality consciousness to the soul consciousness of unity and completeness. The common destiny of human beings is about the transformation of the ego consciousness of suffering and disease into the unity and vitality of soul consciousness.

With an open perception, we can take in the freshness and all the input from the intuition that is above the mental states. The inner psychology and spiritual state of human beings has a direct connection to our physical state. Our inner truth is not about facts, laws and rules. Inner truth refers to the essence of who we are and that the heaven of truth exists within us as a natural part of our being.

"Be thankful when what seems unkind comes from a wise person."


Self-transformation is not achieved through moral, ethical, attitudinal, and behavioral change, but by experiencing the boundless essence of who we are. Self-transformation means that nothing of the old remains. It is a dramatic shift in how we perceive and experience life.