Health Bible - Preview

The Health Bible Think with your heart - Preview

The Health Bible - Think with your heart shows us more of the factors behind the growing health challenges of recent years 📓. Western medical tradition has good solutions and medicine for acute illnesses and surgeries 💉💊🧪. When it comes to emotional and mental health, we see that Western medicine has less good solutions and systems 🤯 😡 🥺.

The little Health Bible is a free GIFT to you from the fall of 2022. I want to contribute to the recovery of chronic and mental illnesses that have been on the rise. In the Health Bible, we learn how to create our own life and thus create good health. The Health Bible - Think with your heart contains a total of 55 chapters and 50 resources. These chapters teach you an expanded understanding of health.

The complete Health Bible can be ordered from this website and purchased in all bookstores. Ask your local bookstore to purchase it and they will order it for you.

The video presented below was made in the fall of 2020 when the first edition of the Health Bible was completed.
Updated information about the Health Bible will follow. English edition of the Health Bible - Think with Heart will be on sale in 2024

NB; Reminder that the first edition of the Norwegian Health Bible - Think with your heart is a limited edition. The next edition will not be printed until 2024 at the earliest, when the English version is ready for printing.

I am a trained social worker, gestalt therapist, regression and trauma therapist and energy medicine coach. For the first few years as a helper in the Norwegian healthcare system, I was proud of the Norwegian systems and support services. As I gained more experience in the health sector in Norway, my confidence in the treatment systems weakened. The same applied to the experience of being a mother of highly sensitive children who have experienced a lot of illness. I have experience of the public support system both as a patient and as a professional helper. I have a wide range of experiences from working in different health services and systems.

Tasks in health Norway have been in substance abuse and psychiatry, treatment institutions, primary school, protection measures code 6, emergency measures, aftercare, main mentor for newly arrived refugees in project with NAV, cooperation measures for child welfare services, guidance of companies and treatment of trauma. I have followed clients through trials, in police interrogations, in hospitals, in child welfare cases, to BUP, family gatherings, and through various help systems. I have worked as a mentor for the Heart Academy's Coaching education and led groups that have trained as a Coach. Worked as a project manager to reduce sick leave in companies. Has been active in the organization FAU (Parents' working committee) for 14 years, of which 5 as leader, "BKF" (children's cancer association), "LEVE" (National Association for Survivors of Suicide), "A child too small" and "LPP" (National Association for relatives in mental health). Under the auspices of BKF, as a parent contact and board member, he led the project "holiday with meaning" for families with cancer. Has been active in Blåmann sports club where the whole family is a member. All the "roles" and experiences have given me broad experience from influencing factors in society.

In The Health Bible, I write about hundreds of examples and perspectives to show the complexity that affects human health. I point to unfortunate systems that exacerbate physical and mental illnesses. Despite the fact that Norwegians live in "the best country in the world", we are seeing an increase in environmental diseases. With a BIG focus on profit and system loyalty, we get more unfortunate situations that directly affect health.

The Health Bible presents factors that show us how we (consciously/unconsciously) create HEALTH and disease, and how we can easily reverse this tendency.

In The Health Bible, I teach you how to create good health, well-being and peace on earth 🌍 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🤣.