Mental health

The reason why mental illness is increasing

Mental health is about allowing our emotions and letting us move by them. The opposite of this would be to suppress, repress and hold back, as many of us have learned. Showing emotion and being vulnerable has not been a quality that has been seen as a strength and a good in society, on the contrary, it has been considered a sign of weakness. Many of us have learned that being restrained, rational, action-oriented, and purposeful are beneficial behaviors. Stress can be seen as a complex factor of both physical and biochemical reactions to strong emotional involvement. To take as a starting point the body's language and functions, emotions are physiologically electronic, chemical and hormonal secretions from the nervous system. Our emotions affect and can be influenced by functions in the body's organs and internal processes in the immune system.

"The more we can laugh when we are happy, cry when we are sad, use anger to set clear boundaries, love devotedly and give and receive tenderness with an open mind, the further we are from mental illness" .

Professor of Psychology, Michael Culloughs.

In Norway, it has been taboo for many years to talk about mental health, depression and suicidal thoughts. If we show ourselves with qualities or qualities that society underestimates, we lose honor in various ways. Then we do not deserve honor, which refers to the recognition and respect of the community. All this basically shows us what self-worth we have, and how we look at ourselves in a larger context. I believe that facades, masks and perfectionism are directly linked to our self-worth and honor. Statistics from mental health show a 40% increase in the number of mental diagnoses from 2011 - 2016 among girls. The increase started at the same time as smartphones and social media became part of the lives and everyday lives of young people. Girls go to a psychologist more often and get more antidepressants, yet there are far more boys who commit suicide. The boys' psyche is taboo, and it seems that the threshold for talking about this is higher for boys. Psychiatrist Dag Furuholmen refers to the HUNT survey, which is a population survey on mental health. The study shows that men have as many depressive symptoms as women, but that they often interpret it as physical problems or do not want to admit the problems to themselves. Much of this is about anxiety and depression.

In Japan, they have a high code of honor and morality. Everyone must be perfect and everything must be done perfectly. It is not allowed to make mistakes, because then you will lose face. Losing face is seen as a great shame for your family. The suicide forest Aokigihara, also called Japan's haunted forest for suicide, is the most frequently used way of taking one's life. Broken Japanese seek out Aokigihara as the only solution they see for their shame and deprivation. They hang out so as not to embarrass their family. Many people travel long distances to commit suicide in this very forest. Most people who commit suicide in Aokigihara are men in the age group 40 - 50 years, they are working workers who support their family. The consequences therefore have major ripple effects beyond the suicide itself. This shows some of the consequences of living in a culture of shame and a society of perfectionists.

Duchess Meghan has put mental illness and suicidal thoughts on the agenda after the interview with Oprah Winfrey March 8, -2021. Now we need to take the lessons learned from Ari Behn, Avicii and my son who took his life. It's about the judgmental culture that hits sensitive people hard. We see this condemnation clearly in the British journalist Piers Morgan's statement of Meghan and Norwegian journalist Anders Grønneberg's statement of Tix (Andreas Haukeland). With their attitudes, these journalists have made visible to the public what the Jantel law does to people. The journalists' condemnatory attitudes, which many people carry, make people take their lives. This is SERIOUS.

Many thanks to Tix, Andreas, who has raised the most important reason why people take their lives. It is simply painful to exist in society because of all the prejudiced attitudes that exist. Journalists, news people, critics and authorities have a BIG RESPONSIBILITY. Arrogant know-it-alls and judgmental statements take the lives of people. Dishonesty and condemnation contribute to murder because people are cowards and do not dare to look at their own divided psyche. Well-informed people hide behind status, money and positions instead of seeing what they themselves carry of soreness. When we pay with our own integrity and honesty, we inflict diseases and imbalances in society.

Behind condemnation we find fear, insecurity and ignorance. Most people are programmed with wounds and trauma. We see this clearly when society abounds with prejudice and abuse. It is we, the older generation, who are the worst in relation to bad and abusive attitudes.

NOW is the CALL TO ACTION - WAKE UP. We obliterate ourselves with all the condemnation hidden behind inner wounds. EVERYONE must now take RESPONSIBILITY for their own stuff and what they send out into the world. As a youth, I took in people's prejudices and thought there was something "wrong" with me. It feels like HELL to take in the prejudices that exist in society. The The jantel law in Norway and Scandinavia is ALARMING.

Condemnation refers to the rejection and separation of love itself. Condemnation causes us to take out the hurt on ourselves or on others. Substance abuse and crime are the result of condemnation. There is self-medication with drugs as a consequence of a raw and cynical society with dishonesty and manipulation. How many have to take their lives before we WAKE UP?

When we withhold hurt and loss, we become pressure cookers of prejudice and bad attitudes. In psychiatry, we see that patients come to have a "time out" with the help of medication and to have a respite with sleep and recovery, before they are sent back to chaos and stress in society. The documentary Bedlam shows that psychiatric patients in the USA are thrown between emergency rooms, the street and prison (VGTV) .

Today we see documentaries and series such as Witch Hunt, Ekte, Norge Bak fasaden, Åsted Norge, Exit and others that make visible the structures of manipulation, corruption, drugs, sex and cynicism. Most of us will not believe that it is as bad as it is made out to be. But many live in toxic environments. My own experience from the Norwegian mafia has shown me the threats and the seriousness.

The Health Bible presents the complexity and extremes in society that contribute to increased mental and chronic disorders.

Despite long education and a lot of knowledge, we see that mental and chronic diseases are still increasing. We see bad attitudes with lies and manipulation for personal gain. This has direct parallels to more people falling ill. We live in an unbalanced society.

We have to wake up to the fact that we are killing ourselves with our dishonesty. We need integrity so that we can raise our systems and the level of consciousness of people. The health systems cannot have a foundation where health is to be "big business".

We carry our ancestors, society and all our surroundings within us. When we do not respect ourselves, we will not respect others either. Inner values are important in this time.

We need a radical "MAKE OVER" in attitudes and values, where we are BRAVE and say " NOK is NOK ".