It is almost 100 years since author Aksel Sandemose in 1933 shed light on the hidden culture and social structures that are very judgmental.

The Law of Jante;

  1. You should not think that you are anything.

  2. You should not think you are as much as us.

  3. You should not think you are wiser than us.

  4. You should not imagine you are better than us.

  5. You should not think you know more than us.

  6. You should not think you are more than us.

  7. You should not think that you are good at anything.

  8. You should not laugh at us.

  9. You should not think that anyone cares about you.

  10. You should not think you can teach us anything.

The law of jante gives us environmental diseases, which are mental and chronic diseases. An example of the condemnation in Norway is the attitudes that Durek Verrett faced when he came to Norway in 2019. The singer Tix (Andreas Haukeland) faced the same condemnation after he won the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Adults show their own vulnerability and trauma when they condemn others.

Emotional wounds or traumas do not have to be dramatic and large. At their simplest, they can be related to the fact that our needs were not met as children and we had to restrict ourselves and hold ourselves back as a result. Trauma means, directly translated from the Greek, -wound injury. Trauma can manifest itself both physically and psychologically and is something that is inflicted on a person from the outside. If a trauma is not processed, it remains in the human mind. All addictions turn out to be responses to unprocessed wounds.

In other countries, many struggle to understand the hidden culture and condemnation that prevails in Scandinavia. The wisdom of the ancient traditions that know the connection to all life shows us that the majority live with trauma and a wounded child inside them.

We see that condemnation exists in different systems, politics, and health where manipulation, falsification of documents and persecution occur. When I encountered this dark part of Norway myself, I didn't want to believe it was possible. I couldn't digest and take in the brutality. How is it possible? We live in the best country in the world.

Now is the time to honor our #soul principles and gifts regardless of the the law of jante. Everyone is born to bring gifts and creativity to earth. If we look at our common history, we see that people have stabbed each other in the back when they stand in their soul gifts. We need a community where we can come with all of us so that our gifts can be fully expressed.

In a law of jante society, we are told to hold back because we don't fit into established truths that dominate the culture. The law of jante starts in the womb. The mother's feelings and judgments are transmitted, unconsciously, directly to her children. It is the emotions of the environment and the rules of culture that program our children in the first years of life.

Many religions have talked about the greatness and the good in people, as well as the condemnation and the dark. I have encountered many religions and denominations in my search for good systems for well-being and good health. We need to transform the the jantel law in all religions so that the different religions can complement each other. A good role model for this is the town of Glostonbury in Somerset, England, which has a community of 72 different denominations and faiths. All the inhabitants of Glostonbury have good attitudes and want each other well despite the fact that they have different views on life. The inhabitants are generous and live with their soul gifts where diversity complements each other regardless of faith and outlook on life. Here the law of jante is non-existent.

We find sacred conversations in all traditions and sciences. Holy means holistic, the bigger picture and the essence of EVERYTHING. Now there are many who wake up in all traditions and teachings where the the law of jante must be transformed in all systems. We must now take RESPONSIBILITY for the words, thoughts and condemnation each of us carries. Most people are their own greatest enemy because we are subconsciously programmed with the the law of jante.

How does the Law of Jante play out in your life? At school, at work, in your free time and in your family?
Do you stand up for "the right thing" when you experience condemnation and injustice?

#Truth - Make your truth visible ❤️


 "It is always an interesting exercise to watch our process as we judge. If there is truly only oneness, then we must travel within to meet the same parts of ourselves we are projecting out to be healed as we face the ego's illusion of separateness. This is big work."

Sandra Ingerman.