HEALTH - Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and conscious health

Health encompasses absolutely all areas of our existence. We now see that spiritual and conscious health is on the rise, and this area of the health debate is important. 🎙

With conscious health, we are at the core of who we are as human beings and the connection that exists between us. Thoughts need consciousness to exist while consciousness does not need thoughts to exist.

Consciousness creates ourselves, our psyche, our brain, our body and the universe, and absolutely everything has consciousness. As there are some things we cannot explain the existence of, it is similarly difficult to explain why there is consciousness. Consciousness is a cosmic phenomenon and an inherent part of our existence that we cannot see because it is THE one who sees. Consciousness has no shape or fixed boundary and we cannot see ourselves unless we have a mirror. I relate to this world and the universe as a reflection of my consciousness and level of perception. It gives us different levels and realities of experience according to the "wakefulness and wholeness" within ourselves.

Everything in the universe is energetically connected, where consciousness informs itself through its creation. Humans communicate as this quantum field that is an extension beyond ourselves of consciousness and creation (the altar). The fields we are part of are entangled, holographic and fractal. Fractal means that small patterns repeat the same pattern on larger scales. Atoms in the body moving around our nucleons are very similar to planets moving around the sun or the solar system moving around a galaxy. Same pattern, but different scale.

Through conscious health, we can understand our unique strengths and gifts. Among other things, we can "walk in each other's footsteps" through awareness. Conscious health is the most important key to understanding the rise of mental and environmental illnesses. 🤯🥺😰😱🥵.

Physicist Nassim Haramein has scientifically proven that all humans are connected through our protons. All the electrons are connected to all the other protons in the universe, so that all the information in the universe is present in each proton. All cells in humans contain atoms. We find atoms in everything. We are consciousness that can increase our influence on the structure of space. Consciousness can never be fully understood by mental intelligence alone. We can retrieve all the information that has been on earth with natural and extended / higher intelligence. ❤️

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that consciousness will always affect the results of what we see, observe and research. Consciousness has multiple dimensions, where humans are like a skyscraper of different levels 🏢. The level of consciousness is about perception, insight/outlook and what we experience through our existence.

The observer effect shows us that observing a situation or phenomenon will change the outcome, and that the observer effect applies to people, animals, things and even atoms. In other words, we cannot separate the observer from the phenomenon being observed. 

Mental illnesses create a narrow tunnel vision of perception. 🤯☠️

Many people carry suffering, grief, loss and a body of pain 🤒🤕🤢. Carrying a body of pain can be paralyzing and lead to suicidal thoughts. If we only identify with our physical creation, suicidal thoughts can be a result. With depersonalization, we can get rid of the body of pain, anxiety, depression and illness.

On several occasions, when meeting with clients, I have experienced that their pain body has been depersonalized within seconds and minutes. This usually happens most often with children and young people, where adults are more skeptical. The more intellectual 🧠and skeptical we are 👁 the more difficult it can be to create good health if we have pain and imbalances in our lives. Our brain 🧠 is programmed to protect us and control ❌❌❌❌

The three lower chakras in the human body (our pattern of energy wheels) are important for creating balance and having ground contact. Human physical body is nature 🌹🌍. The relational layers that lie in the lower chakras are important to release in order to live with good health.

Almost all diseases occur in relationships and in our surroundings. An important factor for good health is therefore supportive and trusting communities 👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽👫. 

The Wisdom Code provides a supportive community of health and well-being. There are hundreds of factors to good health, and also to illness.

Spiritual health and psychology of the soul is about knowing yourself, your own connection and exploring selvet❤️🧠. Self-reflection is important even though we are much more than our thoughts and feelings. When we have coherence between hjertet❤️ and the brain 🧠 we usually avoid many surprising events in life. When we follow our heart, we create well-being, good health and wellness 😅🤩🥳. The heart KNOWS and does so that we can create peace of mind and live with PEACE. 😇

#Truth. - Make your truth visible❤️