High sensitivity - Empat

High Sensitivity - Empat

An article in Psychology Today refers to a scale with four different levels to explain the character traits of empathy and people's different ways of relating to energy and emotions. At the far left of this scale we find the trait narcissist / psychopath. After this we find loving empathetic people. Then we have highly sensitive and on the far right of this scale we find empaths. This scale is called the empathic spectrum.

Narcissist Loving Empathic Highly Sensitive Empaths
Psychopath people


Empaths are good at discovering, reading and processing the energy around them. They have a fine-tuned instrument for energy reading. The nervous system of an empath is extremely sensitive to changes in energy. The human nervous system is the medium that translates energy.

In children and adolescence, we often do not know how to handle all the energies we feel around us. Children absorb everything that is in their environment. Neither Aleksander nor I had learned what it meant to be empathetic, and that we actually picked up and absorbed the energies around us. Empaths can be vulnerable in the world because most people live in a social culture of "SHAME". Empat children are sensitive to everything, where criticism, bullying, rejection and stress can lead to unfortunate coping strategies and diagnoses.

My experience is that several of today's young people are empathetic and highly sensitive people. They strive to understand both their own and others' energy fields. It is easy to isolate yourself and become introverted as a coping strategy, to protect yourself from energies that can be overwhelming. I was at times drained of energy from being in social situations for a long time, and did not know that my open energy fields were drained by other people's heavy energies. I had not learned to distinguish between my own energy field and the energy field of others. I did not know how to strengthen myself and my energy field so that I was not tapped into interacting with others.

In my early experience of healing, I myself sometimes ran out of energy by entering other people's energy fields. I did not know that this meant that I myself had blind aspects, and did not stand "steadfast" in relation to source power. In relationships with other people, I often subconsciously gave up energy. Only when I became even stronger in my own essence could I face all social situations without being drained of energy. For a while, going to the mall was very demanding. I was exhausted by it, because I experienced an enormous amount of heavy and negative energies there. When I synchronized with my soul identity, I was no longer drained of energy from my surroundings.

American biologist and author Bruce Lipton points out that humans are composed of 50 trillion cells , making us a whole society. Every cell in the body has a negative voltage on the inside and a positive voltage on the outside. Every living cell is a battery. While we see ourselves as a physical entity, new physics science tells us that we are energy waves that interact with each other. All animals and plants communicate with vibrations and energy fields. If children learned to be sensitive to vibrations, they as adults would not be in bad conditions and in bad places. Usually we are asked not to go after our emotions, but to listen to what people have to say, but our language is designed to hide emotions . The point is that all organisms communicate through vibrations, and thus they know if they are in a good or bad place by reading the vibrations. Humans have this ability, but are not trained to use it. A person can influence another person just by being in the field. Today's physics studies vibration. Quantum physics studies the waves and how they are disturbed. All the waves that work together are called a field. Humans are made of atoms and are also a field. We are connected to everything because we cannot separate the different energy waves.

Being empathetic is a gift and a challenge, where the most supportive thing is to stay in inner balance and with a high level of awareness. Most empaths are social, like to hang out with people and be there for others. They can often help people in customized ways because they read the energies and know what people need. When we learn to interpret the fluctuations in our environment, we are able to understand the physical world and everything we surround ourselves with in an authentic and truthful way. I reached a enough point when over several years I had taken in other people's energy and what they were carrying, without myself having learned to let go or protect myself.

I have always enjoyed being with people, at the same time as this has been energy-losing. Most empaths are prone to being overwhelmed and overwhelmed by all the energetic currents that exist. Many people live with large layers of protection. Early in life we learn to put on masks and facades to protect our vulnerability. I have come to several saturation points during my life due to the trait empat. Several patients in psychiatry have this characteristic. They carry their own accumulated emotions, while at the same time absorbing the emotions and energy of others. Some become mentally ill, while others become physically ill for the same reasons.

I believe that the rise of mental and emotional imbalances and diseases in humans is a direct response to humanity to the imbalance that exists in society. Whether our imbalances are mental or physical does not matter, because everyone gets imbalances in the body where we have the weakest structure and pattern. Where blood flow is weakest, symptoms and imbalances will first occur. We are talking about environmental diseases where we are connected to everything we surround ourselves with, both by external and internal factors. Empaths sense environments and energies deeper and more comprehensively than those who do not have this vulnerability factor. Everything goes deeper into empaths because of their vast sensory fields. As an energy-sensitive person, cynicism, manipulation, lies, facades, violation, exploitation and low-energy food will have a profound effect.

Stress is an expression of negative energy that contributes to illness and imbalance. We have seen that more young people in recent decades are born with the trait empat. Shame and condemnation simply take the lives of sensitive people. I know this is a big deal. In the health bible I explain this through examples and several source references. When I write in the health bible about anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, shame, various diagnoses and mental disorders, I see these as an expression of the sensitivity factor in people. I myself was one of those who in my youth would give up my life because I was overwhelmed by the condemnation and the culture of shame.

Shame and condemnation are the earthly factor that affects and shapes people the most. The culture of shame can be categorized as the biggest contributor to creating imbalances and diseases. Many of us simply experience that the influences from the culture of society give pain, little or no hope, and experiences of powerlessness over the surroundings. We take it in as individual ailments and pains because we have not learned that our physical existence is part of a larger field that affects us. In a way, we can say that those who live with empathic nature are extremely important to listen to in the coming decades. They are strongly associated with the earth, nature, the environment and the universe, and directly carry the diseases and imbalances that are created unconsciously.

I think the diagnosis fibromyalgia and ME / SFC (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) are conditions that stem from human sensitive nature. All human beings are born to feel the whole world. In addition to our five known senses, we have our sixth sense of the soul. The sense of the soul is a multidimensional sense that functions as our inner GPS with a holistic and all-encompassing understanding of our existence. Empaths are usually overwhelmed by all the energy traces in the environment. This leads to the emotional build-up of energy that is often put into various diagnostic terms; Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, complicated grief, ADHD, Tourette's syndrome, autism, Asperger's syndrome, personality disorder, mental disorders / diseases, fibromyalgia, ME / SFC, cancer and more. These diagnoses are treated as abnormalities. These marks include aspects of accumulated energy. Most people who get these diagnoses are empathetic people with a wide range of senses to the environment.

Fibromyalgia is described as a pain syndrome and a chronic condition characterized by migratory pain. Common conditions that occur with ME / SFC are fibromyalgia, orthostatic intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, joint disease, chronic pelvic pain and several chemical sensitivity disorders. Because the symptoms are shared with many other diseases, it can be difficult to identify which diagnosis and diseases are present. Common to these is the sensitivity factor which shows that everything goes deeper into the vulnerability trait by being an empath. Empaths are in direct contact with his sense of soul as a writer and consciousness teacher Gary Zukav describes as a multi-sensory personality.

Gary Zukav writes that we evolve from people with five senses to multi-sensory people. Our five senses together form a simple sensory system designed to perceive physical reality. The perception of multisensory human beings extends beyond the physical reality and on to a larger dynamic system. 

Living as an empath can be an extreme journey because we are in touch with both the worst, and the best that is. Empaths have a precious connection to their sensory system, and this works from several meters away. In addition, empaths can channel energy and transform negative energy patterns. People who don't have this trait may have a hard time understanding this. As five-sensing people, we essentially live by our five senses and the visible world. As multi-sensory, we are in deeper contact with holistic karma, co-creation, inner universal power, connection to everything, connection to soul consciousness and a greater source perspective.

Several sources on the internet refer to the fact that highly sensitive people may be more likely to develop social anxiety. A study from 2011 shows that people with social phobias and anxiety are hypersensitive to other people's states of mind. People with social anxiety pick up on the mental state of others to a greater extent than others. This shows us that sensitive people will usually be more prone to mental illness and imbalances.