Perception of life and beliefs

The worldview and beliefs we have will always color our opinions, what we do, and how we face life. You have already gained an insight into my frame of understanding. My perception on life and the wisdom I have at the beginning of 2022 is very different from the beliefs I had until 2013. Until 2013, I largely identified with the thoughts, feelings and experiences that life had shown me in my forty years of life. Although I have always been relatively open-minded, my programmed thoughts were quite critical, limiting and skeptical. I was largely influenced by the social structures and the unwritten rules and laws of Norwegian society. Even though I wanted to believe in something greater than myself, or higher intelligence, life had been so painful that at times I found myself in the belief system of an atheist. I found myself carrying a lot of responsibility that I sometimes felt relatively alone with, despite having a generous, supportive and loving husband.

"The only source of knowledge is experience. Learning is experience. Everything else is just information." Albert Einstein.

There is a significant difference between the knowledge/information we read and acquire through philosophical understanding, versus the competence and wisdom we gain through experience and the sensory system. In the Health Bible, I explain claims that are linked to unity consciousness and wisdom, and that are not based on cognitive analysis and logic. Through the heart sense, people can relate to energies, emotions and vibrations in their surroundings, and also to time and space. It is about an expanded relationship with ourselves, people, the earth, animals, the universe and the entirety of our existence. When people learn to listen above their programmed minds, they can relate to the all-encompassing universal field of consciousness, our holistic existential matrix, so that we can download all knowledge and wisdom. We are the whole universe when we live through our holistic heart sense. 

I experience that absolutely everything is connected, and that everything is united. Everything that crosses my path has a meaning where everything serves me. Everything is in my "higher" favor, where my job is to embrace. I experience that everything is part of something bigger, and that everyone has a purpose in this life on earth. Everyone wants to wake up to their potential of greatness, and the light we are in essence. The ultimate human project is about waking up to the wholeness of who we are. It is about our "pure being", our inner certainty, clarity and siddhi. Siddhi is considered to be insight into the human essence, soul and core character. In Hinduism, siddhis are used to describe the spiritual and magical power gained through disciplined practices such as yoga and meditation. I see our achievements and actions as a by-product of our "pure light and being". When we talk about life purpose, this is about the revelation and awakening to the wholeness of ourselves, which takes many forms and paths. We want to get to know our divine nature and the mystery of our intimate and impersonal existence. All we are looking for is ourselves. Humans are made of soul light compressed into physical form. We are the universe and the source of God when we speak to our own body. Our divine mind is the creator of our cells, organs and our entire physical body. With increased consciousness, we are aware of how we control our inner universe through friendly communication and co-creation. I believe that everything starts from within, and that we encounter aspects of ourselves in the external life. I find that people have much more capacity within themselves than they realize.

 In my search for vitality and health, I was led towards several religions and religious texts. It is easy to forget that the core message of all religions and religious systems springs from the problem of human suffering, disease and death. All our great teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Peter Dânov, Rajneesh, Muhammad and Moses wanted to address the insights of human suffering, disease and death so that we could seek enlightenment and divine intelligence. Whether we call this self-development, enlightenment, the promised land, psychology, guru, mental health, success or other evolved epithets, it doesn't really matter. They all refer to the same destiny that humans share, and the ultimate core experience of human beings. Through various stories and narratives, traditions and religions have shown us the true insight that lies within the human being, where we can get in touch with the wholeness and greatness of us. Our great teachers showed us that suffering is unnecessary, because everyone has access to a spiritual wisdom and divine intelligence that heals and connects us. We can wake up to our true essence and embrace our full self-awareness. We are all part of the mysteries and miracles of life, where we exist in this world even though we are not of this world. Religions, religious systems, the pharmaceutical industry, alternative movements, spiritual retreats, yoga, psychology, therapy, exercise and more are different echo chambers that all want to contribute to better health and vitality. They provide us with different languages, thought paradigms and professions that are mixed in with different interpretations that all stem from ONE source.

Today, we perceive religion as an overarching, collective term for the world's various belief systems, often linked to belief in God/gods or other non-physical beings. A common definition of religion is the belief in divine or supernatural beings such as gods, angels, demons or sacred animals. Unlike beliefs, reality also consists of something that is not physical. Religion encompasses the most subjective field of human behavior. In many religions, we talk about a God, Spirit/All or figures that are superior to everything. I believe that all people have a sacred space and a spirit within them, to which we are connected at all times. We have an affinity and sense of belonging to our spirit. I feel that this spirit and holy place is connected to us through our soul consciousness. Spirit, soul and body are us. We are energy vibrations that help the consciousness of the universe to understand itself through experience. I am not affiliated with an external religion and have an eclectic belief system. With an eclectic belief system, I am open-minded and tolerant of other people's views, opinions and perspectives, even though I may disagree.

I see all people as great creators. What we seek from the external life is really in our inner core and in our hearts. We are often not conscious of what we create in our lives. I was less conscious of what I was creating in my life for the first forty years. I experienced several demanding challenges and illnesses, which I met with worrying thoughts and survival patterns. We are free to choose how we face situations and events. My eclectic beliefs are evident in The Health Bible in that I refer to people, traditions, teachings and sources that I resonate with. The sources and topics in the book show the reader what subjective consciousness and beliefs I have relied on at any given time. Despite the fact that I have written the Health Bible, I am only at the baby stage in relation to the mystery of life, multidimensional understanding and the creation of everything. In 2022, my perception on life includes the 18 soul principles.

When we have matured as human beings and live from our soul consciousness, I find that we want to complement each other. Then we know that we are connected and do not want to fight against our own existence and human race. When we fight and argue, we behave like cancer cells attacking our own foundation of existence. The cancer cells will ultimately kill themselves because they are killing their own base of existence. People who lie, use violence, torture and kill show us a cancerous mentality that destroys our common foundation. I find that we use words and expressions differently, and that we complicate many situations. We talk about different beliefs and truths, and are keen to hold the right truth for everyone else to follow. I believe that the right truth for each individual comes from within. I don't feel that religion is about an external God dictating our lives. My religion is the true essence of myself, which is my heart. I believe that all true religion exists in our hearts as the God/Universe within. Having an inner relationship with our essence is about learning to explore the divine aspect of the inside. It is about learning to be in relationship with life itself. God is in all creatures, in nature, in relationships and is the life force expressed in all its diversity.

True religion knows that all people are connected to each other. External religion wants to explain the infinite and the eternal mystery of life. I see life more as a journey than a destination, where life experiences on earth are here to show us who we are through learning and growth. Humans are constantly expanding and contracting so that the soul can grow and expand through movement and polarities. I look at external religion from several angles; on the one hand, a foundation for those who do not know and cannot see. Religion then becomes a form that people dress up in and define themselves by, forming barriers against the outside world and perhaps also walls against seeking their true essence. On the other hand, external religion can express the framework that supports our inner quest and truth.

External religion can be compared to a system of laws and rules that corresponds to the way state, scientific and political systems are structured. Today, some of the newer science can probably be called religion, as different sciences claim to hold ultimate truths that they each believe are the only right and best for humanity. If we place our truths and ways of believing within the concept of religion, political science, political parties or psychological frameworks, they all refer to what they believe is "the rightthing" for humans. A culture and a society is governed by different truths and mindsets, which in turn can be compared to a religion in this area. Religions and systems are created as guidelines and norms for humanity. The goal is to follow the good path and to maintain a certain structure and order in society. What is the good way for me may not be the good way for you. When we identify with a religion, race, ideology or state power, we limit our human nature to low consciousness, living in reaction to life. When we live from soul consciousness, we rise above thought forms, the intellect and emotions and face life with an expanded perspective and heightened perception.

"God has no religion." Mahatma Gandhi.

When I describe my beliefs, I do so from my ego and my truths. As human beings, we encounter life from the level of perception we are at. I am not concerned that others should have the same truth and perspective on life as I do. I have no need to teach or prove to others that what I experience and believe is the only truth. My truth and my beliefs have changed over the course of my life, and will continue to do so. I am in continuous growth and development, and the whole of me will therefore be in evolution and change. Consciousness is a living intelligence that is constantly developing and evolving. When I need others to think and believe the same as me, these are aspects of my judgmental ego. In many contexts, the word belief can be replaced by the word relationship. Our beliefs refer to what we have a relationship with, and today I have opened up to having a relationship with an expanded part of holistic existence. Some choose to have a relationship with God/the universe/the non-physical quantum field, while others do not want to have an awake relationship with this. It is our own awake and conscious relationships that constantly determine the quality of our lives. When we deny and say that things do not exist, it is usually because we do not have a conscious relationship to this. For example, we don't believe in God, but we know and feel God as an intimate relationship within ourselves.

We talk about religion, humanism and atheism as major opposites in our lives. Do we believe in something greater than ourselves, or do we not believe in a higher power? Humanism and atheism refer to human beings being at the center. Whether we believe in ourselves or God is exactly the same. As long as we believe or have a relationship with the good in ourselves, this is the same as believing in God. We all have a divine essence that is embracing, loving and accepting in every situation. It is not possible to say that people do not believe in anything. Everyone has truths and beliefs to navigate by, regardless of whether we believe in a spirituality or a power greater than ourselves. Our truths affect our existence more than anything else. Many believe only in the physical world with all its illusions and structures, and navigate from this belief paradigm. Religion refers to the fact that we relate to something outside our physical reality, which we consider to be sacred. Religions are also often characterized by the fact that we as believers believe we can communicate with something we experience as non-physical. I experience religion, humanism and atheism as different degrees of consciousness. I believe that the most important faith and religion comes from within and from being human.

I feel that we live in a holographic universe where the body is a self-conscious creation of all that is. What happens in the whole universe also happens in the mind and in the body as sensory perception. Nothing is beyond me and I blend with everything. In indigenous traditions, aspects of every cell in the body are known to correlate with the planets of our universe. Reality is not something that is outside of us, but is what we want to be at all times. A holographic body, mind and universe shows us that at any point in the field we can have the information of the whole. We can grasp the fundamental understanding of the universe because we have access to an infinite amount of information. We ARE a fractal of the universe with alchemical powers that can transform everything on earth. We can understand reality at its deepest level because we are made of the same reality. Do we believe in love or do we choose to be love? Do we believe in peace or do we choose to be peace? As a conscious creator, alchemist, we take the form we want and create it, as I explain in the Health Bible which shows us that being and relationship is beyond belief.

I experience that we have a soul and a spirituality, and that our connections are linked through this. Humans create from different levels of consciousness, which is part of the universe, which in turn is part of us. When I live with reverence, I see through the lens of my soul. From 2013 until today, I have synchronized my perception to consciously include my soul identity so that the personality serves the soul to the greatest extent possible. I believe that all humans have a heart sense that is connected to the spirit whether we are conscious of it or not. Until I was forty years old, I was less aware that I had a heart sense and that I actually used it daily. After my internal stress level decreased and my health became more balanced, I became more aware of my heart sense. I had heard several times that humans were soul and spirit having a bodily experience, but could not own this knowledge. Only when I had integrated this knowledge in my body and in my cellular memory could I live out the whole truth of me. My experience is that my heart sense and grace guided me during the six years I was in the dark night of the soul . I had an inner certainty in me, and an inner sensuality that often gave me clear hearing, clear sensitivity and clear knowledge in the crises that happened in my life from 2013 - 2018

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my soul." RUMI.