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The Health Bible - The complete Health Bible.

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The Health Bible is an extended book that contains 4 books in 1.
The Health Bible shows us the complexity of health in an expanded perspective.

Mental disorders are widespread in the population, both in Norway and worldwide. There is a rising trend among young people, and suicide is now the third leading cause of death among 15 to 19-year-olds globally.
If you delve into the statistics, there are many people in the world whose lives are colored by pain, suffering, trauma and disease. The costs are enormous, both personally, for the world around them and in terms of resources. What if money was spent on mental health instead of mental illness?



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What happens when you are stripped of almost EVERYTHING; the family, the home, the roles, the masks, the identity, the mind programming, the job, the pain, the toil, the struggles, the illness and everything you knew about life until now.
What are you left with when you are robbed to the bone?
The Health Bible - Think With Your Heart is about how our greatest crises, illness and loss can be the gateway to a magnificent life of joy, well-being, peace of mind and indescribable wellness.
Suffering is a choice!

The author writes about his son Alexander's suicide, his own suicidal thoughts, the longing for death and the physical and mental noise that kills so many.
The book is a life guide that shows us how we can transform ill health and illness into an unimagined dream life with reverence and magic.
With an inner quantum shift from our misery, we can be synchronized to our natural being and talents that want to radiate their greatness.

The intention of the Health Bible is to present an expanded perspective on health and human existence. Through awareness, emotions and contact with the soul, we can increase our understanding of ourselves and thereby others. In the seed of understanding ourselves and our fellow human beings lies the potential to create a better world for people to live in. The Health Bible is an expedition; first we hear about the author's own journey in a life marked by painful experiences which culminated in her son choosing to take his life. Next, we learn how the author manages to get back on his feet by using Eastern, science-based forms of therapy that see man holistically. We are presented with various aspects of Western medicine and health systems that sometimes appear dysfunctional, and which are seen in the context of political leadership. Finally, the book presents a number of health-promoting resources and exercises that can be used on the way to deep self-insight and holistic health.

Foreword by Lilli Bendriss
“A book you can not be indifferent to. A personal story becomes a common thread for developing insight and awareness in a world where walls fall and old patterns and dogmas are replaced with new ones. Spirit, soul and body become a vibrating unity. Hopelessness replaced with expectation and a roadmap that leads the traveler towards the destination while at the same time understanding that the journey is the goal. I am proud of the courage that the author here shows for yes, there will be many critical voices and understand themselves. We are in a paradigm shift and souls have come to earth to be the driving force behind this. We are a soul that creates a body as a tool for the soul and in the same way that science now recognizes that we are energy beings, we lift our gaze to the magic of creation and acknowledge that we are not locked in a diagnosis of others' perceptions of who we are. The author shows us who we are through our own experience, inner wisdom and a burning heart for people. I believe in her. I look through her eyes. If there is one book you should read now, it is this one. ”

About the author
Ann-Peggy is a mother of five children, married and works as a therapist and healer. She has several subject-oriented educations within her passionate understanding of health, people, relationships and consciousness. Tasks in health Norway have been within substance abuse and psychiatry, the child welfare service, treatment institutions, primary school, protective measures code 6, emergency measures, aftercare, main mentor for newly arrived refugees in a project with NAV, guidance of companies and treatment of trauma. She has followed clients through court cases, in police interviews, in hospital, in child welfare cases, to BUP, family visits, and through various support systems. She has worked as a mentor for the Heart Academy's Coach training and led groups that have trained as Coaches. Has worked as a project manager to reduce sickness absence in companies. Has been active in the organization FAU (Parents' Working Committee), "BKF" (child cancer association), "LIVE" (National association for survivors of suicide), "Et barn for lite" and "LPP" (National association for relatives in mental health). Under the auspices of BKF, as parent contact and board member, has led the "holiday with meaning" project for families with cancer. Has been active in the Blåmann sports club where the whole family is a member. All the "roles" and experiences have given Ann-Peggy broad experience, where she has a sincere desire to convey the understanding of how people create their lives and their health. She has experienced several painful losses, where her son Aleksander's choice of suicide on 02/07/2015 contributed to a total loss of identity.

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