The matrix is the invisible structures and systems that cause people to sleepwalk, acting unknowingly and pre-programmed with scripts from culture, moral codes, thoughts and emotions. This is often called mind-net which is how consciousness creates a physical, material experience for us to project into, which has the structure of space and time. Matrix is a construct of space and time and a hologram projected by light. We are born as a fractal version of reality because that is what we are in, in this physical experience. Our spirit uses a matrix to experience the illusion; past, present, future, which does not exist outside of a matrix. Our higher self is above the matrix. The movie "The Matrix" (1999) made an impact on human consciousness because it made us question what is real and what is not.

Reality is not something that is outside of us, but is what we choose to be at any given moment. A holographic body, mind and universe shows us that at any point in the field we can have the information of the whole. We can grasp the fundamental understanding of the universe because we have access to an infinite amount of information. We ARE a fractal of the universe with alchemical powers that can transform everything on earth. We can understand reality at its deepest level because we are made of the same reality. 

    Ann-Peggy 💛 Divine.

The Matrix, is the first film in a series of three, where the entire trilogy is now considered a cult movie. Broadly speaking, the movie is about a virtual world where people are held captive without them even being aware of it. Thus, the main theme is the battle between humans and machines, and that artificial intelligence rules the world, while human energy is the only thing the machines need. Human survival requires that they have conscious experiences, and thus the machines make sure to implant collective hallucinations directly into the human mind. A small group of humans have escaped, they have entrenched themselves underground, waiting for "The One" to come and save humanity. The One they believe is Neo, a computer hacker in the virtual world.

The main character Neo goes through the process from nihilism to enlightenment in the movie. Nihilism argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose or essential value, thus excluding the existence of the soul. The first message we get in the movie tells us that the truth will set us free. We are asked if we know what is reality, if we really want the truth and if we can live freely as human beings? The movie has three central protagonists, and besides Neo, we meet Trinity and Morpheus. Neo learns that life as he knows it has been an illusion and a computer-generated world. He takes on the task of freeing others from the virtual destiny that is being forced upon them. Morpheus acts as a leader in the real world, steadfast and courageous in the face of great danger and hardship

The main character Neo must go through seven stages to find the truth to enlightenment;

  1. Dream.
  2. Destruction.
  3. Reconstruction.
  4. Self-realization.
  5. Doubt.
  6. Faith
  7. Love.

In the first stage, "The Matrix" shows us that we should trust our intuition and dreams as a gateway to truth and the liberation of our minds. We are here because we know something. What we know we can't explain, but we can feel it. We have usually felt it all our lives. Everyone who begins their journey of awakening in "The Matrix" starts with wonderment around the question; What is "The Matrix"? The beginning is about growing awareness of the invisible that surrounds us. We feel that there is something wrong with the world, but we don't quite know what it is. The first thing we need to do to free our minds is to question the obvious and what is right in front of our eyes.

The next phase of enlightenment is about our destructive truths. What is not truth must die. This phase begins with a choice. We can remain in our comfort zone and preconceived state where we choose what we want to believe, or we can wake up. This is illustrated by the choice between a red or a blue pill. When Neo chooses the red pill, his false beliefs begin to be unlearned, allowing them to die so that a rebirth can occur. He must begin to think for himself as he goes through the process of unlearning. We shall not think we are, we shall know we are.

"There is a difference between knowing the way and walking the way".


Phase five is about overcoming doubt; Fear, doubt and disbelief. The Matrix shows us the choice between a challenging and free life or a happy life of oppression, ignorance and ignorance, which the blue pill gives us. Many of us actually want facades and lies, fighting to hold on to these because they give us comfort and protect us. Many people are not prepared to be disconnected from the system's indoctrination. Many are so addicted to the system that they will do anything to maintain it.

The sixth phase is about our faith. The most important quality that connects the three main characters, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, is faith. They are all willing to sacrifice their lives for what they believe in. Ignorance comes from a lack of faith. The movie shows that what looks like a myriad of choices and opportunities for humans boils down to two crucial choices. Believe in something, or believe in nothing. The Matrix carries an insight that faith is much stronger than knowledge. Faith is something no one can take away from you. At the end of the movie, Neo trusts his inner power, deciding through his faith to do the impossible. In the final stage, the basic emotion of love is shown. When we are connected to the power of love, we are unstoppable. Our body cannot live without the mind. Neo's special ability allows him to separate his real brain from his matrix body, and it is this that leads him to resurrection. Faith, who has the power of love, is what makes Neo unstoppable. With knowledge of the human system, self-awareness and love, Neo can see through the illusionary form of the system to the pure codes that they really are. This gives us a visualization of seeing the complete truth. To see the true essence of all things. When Neo can see this complete truth through the systems, he can raise his own system code at will.

Themovie "The Matrix" can provide us with multiple levels of learning and an expanded perspective on life and the human mind. We are indoctrinated with beliefs that are connected to the environment we are part of. We can choose to live in these beliefs, as illustrated by the blue pill, or we can choose to transcend them, connecting to our superhuman abilities that are less limiting. Whatever words we choose to apply to our inner power, the essence is that everyone has enormous potential with abilities beyond our mental programming. Many of us must therefore unlearn old programming, which lies as blocks when we want to get in touch with the essence of who we are. Much is about resonance, as our soul consciousness vibrates from a resonant field that will show us what we need at any given time. We can choose to live in an illusion or we can bring heaven to earth and live out the best part of us. The truth.

When the system views people, it is always the individuals who are easiest to control and manipulate that the system protects. Our heart sense is on another dimension than the outer elite systems, and if we want to develop our superhuman abilities, we must connect to our own inner network and soul consciousness. Some young people are rebelling at this time, taking confrontational actions against authority and written rules. This can be compared to the rebel characters in The Matrix who are in touch with the power of their soul identity. They are confrontational because they are more loyal to their inner compass, versus the matrix of society. Every society, system, organization, business, family and other group consciousness has a matrix and mind-net of pattern. At the core of human beings, it is about integrity and loyalty to our heart, soul and natural intelligence, and to our self-worth.

Society's matrix can be said to contribute to a powerlessness and impotence on several levels of human existence. We give up our superpower and talents through contaminated food, patterns, habits, expectations, demands, stress and the hamster wheel we have been indoctrinated with. A by-product of experiences from Western medicine can be that we gain insight into the powerlessness and helplessness that exists in the thought programming of pathology and inadequacy. It is our job as mature human beings to both know and feel ourselves, and to embrace the learning and unlearning required to create balance and vitality in our lives. Crises, near death, terminal illness, cancer and deep trauma can push us out of society's model, and where we experience gradual or instantaneous life changes. The thought programming from the societal matrix perpetuates disease, imbalance and war in the world. The movie "The Matrix" highlights that 99% of people will choose the system's characteristics, structures and programs, as long as we have a choice. The crises currently taking place in the world give us the opportunity to create something new.

If we lift the concept of matrix beyond the matrix of society, we see that everything is in a source matrix. We are all in an internet of supreme power and the field of consciousness. Unity consciousness also called Godis our ultimate matrix that embraces everything. In the source matrix, just like in the movie "The matrix", we can download all programs and knowledge. The entire universe is mathematics and sacred geometry. The principle that mathematics exists in everything is a universal truth where numbers are transformed into letters, words, atoms and absolutely everything. We are part of the matrix that feeds ourselves through our consciousness, where we experience ourselves and our creation. All that is to come and all that has been exists in this matrix that is beyond space and time. This matrix shows us that everyone in this time can find their freedom. We can live as FREE people in prison, at work, at home, in family, in illness, in diagnosis and in otherness. Now everyone has the opportunity to wake up and live free lives regardless of external surroundings. We can wake up to the freedom within us and our source design. We can now transcend content-identification, where we become less reactivated and more response conscious.

The source matrix is also called the akasha library/book of life where we can retrieve all information. All dimensions and consciousness are perspectives of the unity matrix and our nurturing mother. We are the source matrix of creation through a network of data. The unit matrix is the container of all creation that has a view and overview of the whole. When we put ourselves and our senses in the level of information we can download and synchronize with the necessary knowledge. We quiet our electromagnetic body and are coherent with all parts of ourselves and what we want to understand or download. I know that for many people this is still science fiction just like our created movies and series. Because science fiction is our imagination of consciousness, it helps to create the future. Much of the physical matter we have today was previously labeled science fiction, where in the 21st century we have access to an openness and willingness that allows us to receive and allow more than ever before. Silencing the human mind and transcending society's matrix programming will be the most valuable wealth for our children and the future. This will replace learning as we know it and give us both perfect health as well as expanded intelligence and power in our own lives. In resource 43 in the Health Bible you will find the Infinite Energy of the Future.